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Christ as a Social Reformer

“Christ as a Social Reformer & Writings in Red” By Arthur Desmond

Ragnar Redbeard Presents “Christ as a Social Reformer & Writings in Red” By Arthur Desmond New Zealander Arthur Desmond (1859-1929) was a poet, author, political activist, unionist, and agitator. Nowadays he’s probably most famous for having written the infamous 1896 book Might is Right under the pseudonym Ragnar Redbeard. Presented here for the first time since 1890 is Arthur Desmond’s “Christ as a Social Reformer & Writings in Red,” a collection of Desmond’s writings, poetry, and correspondence. All his published works in Zealandia which include rare Maori translations. His Union and strike articles. Critiques and controversy between the years 1889-1891. “Around […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin

Newsweek recently ran an article entitled “The Bible:  So Misunderstood It’s a Sin” which looked at how mistranslated their Bible is; how the story of Jesus was added to and revised by scribes, emperors, and committees hundreds of years after the supposed events took place; and how disagreements on the “Holy Word” lead to bloodshed. Needless to say, the article upset many American Christians. I guess the truth really does hurt. As Satanists, we understand that the Bible is mythology and is no more truth than the stories of Zeus, Odin, Amon-Ra, or even Satan. We don’t need such Bronze […]

Be a good Christian, Hate the Gays

Be a good Christian, Hate the Gays What irks me about these kinds of stories is that people at large deny that these “hate mongers” are absolutely correct. Their faith does say that we are filthy and we will burn in Hell for all of eternity. The revisionists who claim that Christianity is strictly about love seem to forget that they are ordered to be witnesses and spread the Gospel in order to show their love for their neighbor. I like the way Fred Phelps put it “I can’t say that I love my neighbor without telling them that they are sinning, making […]

Catholic Bishop: “No Purpose” in Responsibility for Crimes

Satan represents responsibility to the responsible—perhaps one of the reasons Satanism ought indeed be feared by Christianity and its ilk? No magic words to make personal responsibility go away (Priests and Absolution), and no vicarious human sacrifice (Jesus and Redemption), just reality and accountability. They might rightly be afraid of coming out from hiding behind the heavily embroidered frocks of their Church and taking ownership of their own actions. The warped morals of the religious right have too long been accepted as presented, in all their self-assigned sanctimony. Finally, sanity in the world is gaining momentum, and those long-standing institutions of hypocrisy and […]