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Morbid Anatomy: Into the Devil's Den and Back!

Online Class: INTO THE DEVIL’S DEN AND BACK: An Introduction to the History and Magical System of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan

Morbid Anatomy Presents: Beginning July 7, join us on a thought-provoking journey into the history, philosophy, and magic of Anton LaVey with Carl Abrahamsson, renowned Swedish author and Magister of the Church of Satan, who knew LaVey personally. Through informative presentations and interactive discussions, students will uncover the historical origins, theoretical foundations, and practical applications of LaVey’s Satanism. Explore his groundbreaking occultism, which celebrates creativity, passion, and authenticity, and learn how this influential and controversial figure continues to shape our understanding of the rebellious spirit in human culture. Four Week Class Taught Online Via Zoom Sunday, July 7 – July […]

Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain #064 – The “Good Old Days”

Were the “Good ol’ days” really all that “good”? We’ll explore Anton LaVey’s essay on the topic (spoiler: the answer is, “No!”), and a related college commencement speech from 2024 on the irrationality of claiming collective victim status, paying homage to George Carlin.

The Infernal Legion Podcast on Radio Free Satan

Infernal Legion #045 — Memorial Day

The Memorial Day episode of the Infernal Legion podcast is available now, on Radio Free Satan! Satanist Raul Atondo and Magister Adam Campbell join us on this special Memorial Day episode of the podcast. We discuss our plans for the holiday, honoring those who did not fall in combat, modern observances, and the homogenization of Memorial Day. As is our tradition, we close the show with the names of the fallen and 𝑻𝒂𝒑𝒔. Stream Infernal Legion #045—Memorial Day. Download Infernal Legion #045—Memorial Day.

Magus Gilmore in caprine guise, from Scott Cummings' REALM OF SATAN.

Getting My Kicks in Year 66!

Today I reach my double-six birth anniversary—the 24th of May in common era year 2024—and I mark several significant personal milestones in this current calendar year. As I’d mentioned in my Walpurgisnacht message, two close friends of many decades, both Church of Satan Magisters, finally had to leave the party of life. And, before their passing, another dear friend of mine, the great musicologist Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs, succumbed to chronic heart issues. He is famous for being part of the SPCM team which worked diligently to complete the finale of the Bruckner 9th Symphony via deep analysis of the copious manuscript […]

Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain #063 – The Balance Factor and Satanic Magic

The Balance Factor! Hear how this concept relates to the more broader concept of “magic” in Satanism, which of course means first addressing some misconceptions about Satanic magic itself. Also, answering some listener mail about the “LaVeyan Satanism” misnomer, a history-confused Wiccan, and other questions.

Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain #062 – No, QAnon is not a new Satanic Panic (yet?)

Addressing the misconceptions that the QAnon conspiracy theory is the “Satanic Panic 2.0” (it’s not; let’s keep that way), or that “the Satanic Panic never ended” (it did; let’s keep it that way). Also, the difference between personalization and hypocritical self-deceit in the ritual chamber. Satansplain #062

Wicked Walpurgisnacht! from the Church of Satan


Tonight, during hours of darkness traditionally noted for legendary excesses of diabolism, we celebrate the 58th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan. Magus Anton Sandor LaVey’s well-wrought philosophy continues to inspire our global cabal of discerning individuals. They craft fulfillment as self-realization, via myriad means, fueled by the world’s premiere carnal religion. While we properly fête our accomplishments over the decades, we note that the Church of Satan is given meaning and reality through the accomplishments of its members. With solemnity, we take this night to mark the recent passing of two of our most esteemed comrades, […]

The Demented1 interviews Grendal from The UnderTaking Satan Podcast.

The Demented1: A Moment With Grendal

Join your host Blake as he interviews Grendal from The UnderTaking Satan Podcast. They discuss Grendal’s podcast, his career as a funeral director, death, Satanism, and much more! Apple Podcast / Spotify

Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain #061 – The Myth of the “Satanic Community”

There is no “Satanic community”. Learn what Satanists mean by this. Also, Bill answers some listener mail about artificial human companions, doctrines of superiority, and an anecdote about one Satanist’s conspiracy theorist co-worker.