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Bitchcraft Boutique Contest


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Baph-o’-lantern by Satanme

It’s Alive !!! The Haunting Baph-o’-lantern !!! It’s Your Life, So Personalize It! We Ship Worldwide! 🌙 | #satanme

Church of Satan Letterhead Pins from Satanme

Church of Satan Letterhead Pin by Satanme

This truly unique Church of Satan Letterhead Pin pin is based off the stationery designed by Dr. LaVey soon after the Church of Satan was formed back in 1966. The drawing was used on all Church of Satan letters and correspondence for many years. The dragon that wraps around the Baphomet was later shrunk down and used on the pages in The Satanic Bible. The Pin measures 2 inches wide by 2 inches high and about 1.5mm thick, the Baphomet Sigil on the pin is just about 1.25 inches by itself! It is quite the eye catcher with its size! On […]

Sigil of Baphomet Flags by Satanme

Sigil of Baphomet Flags by Satanme

Three flags bearing the Church of Satan’s Sigil of Baphomet are now available: Church of Satan Stonewall Pride Flag Satanme-Styled Pride Flag Black Background White Sigil of Baphomet All flags are double-sided! Only at Satanme!  

Goldmund interviews Dr. Robert Johnson

GOLDMUND UNLEASHED: Interview with Dr. Robert Johnson, Magister in the Church of Satan

Goldmund, a bestselling author who holds an M.A. from Columbia, discusses Satanism and Dr. Johnson’s book, THE SATANIC WARLOCK. They explore perceptions of masculinity and the art of seduction in contemporary society. Follow this link to read Goldmund’s explanation of how he discovered the house of the High Priest of the Church of Satan while exploring the Victorian architecture of Poughkeepsie.

Exquisite Equinox!

Exquisite Equinox!

Greetings to all who share our celebration of the Earth’s successive seasons! Here in the Northern Hemisphere Fall’s arrival exhilarates—cool evenings are here, upcoming are bountiful harvests and soon the leaves will blaze with vivid colors. Those in the Southern Hemisphere rejoice in the triumph of Spring’s warmth over frigid Winter. Nature shakes free from stasis, surging forth with renewed vigor. We luxuriate in vital, carnal existence, embracing these seasonal pivot points. We resonate with the majestic cycles of our precious, fragile island in space. Such cognizance invokes humbling respect for we seek an ever-deepening understanding of our beautiful and dreadful […]

An American Satan: a documentary by Aram Garriga

An American Satan by Aram Garriga at Sitges

An American Satan by Aram Garriga will debut at the Sitges Film Festival this October. Running time 72′ Language: English Documentary/Religion Founded in 1966 in California by a former organist and lion tamer named Anton Szandor LaVey, the Church of Satan has often been surrounded by mysteries, scandals and moral panics. Some of today’s active members of the church and other free-styled Satanists will share their views, memories, ritual practices and personal stories about how they got involved with Satanic religion and what are the false myths that still surround the movement. An immersive journey into one the most fascinating […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet by Satanme

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet Medallions by Satanme

Just Released by Satanme! Four New Baphomet Medallions! 1.75″ in diameter—new colors: Satan’s Hellfire / Leviathan’s Rage / Black as Pitch / Storm Grey Licensed and endorsed by the Church of Satan. #satanme | Satanme It’s Your Life, So Personalize It! Fast Worldwide Shipping!

The Warlock Hour

The Warlock Hour: Episode 1 with Sarah Sinistre

The Warlock Hour Here is the first of many videos to come in this series expanding on the knowledge and techniques found within The Satanic Warlock. Hosted by Magister Dr. Robert Johnson and Lorcan Black, these two men will hold nothing back while discussing every aspect of what it means to be a true Warlock and how to get there. This episode we have Sarah Sinistre, Old Nick model and personal friend of Magister Johnson, on to join in the discussion. Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel because you don’t want to miss what’s coming your way.

Bitchcraft Boutique: Sigil of Baphomet Medallion

Sigil of Baphomet Medallions by Bitchcraft Boutique

I’m proud to introduce to you a line of Church of Satan Sigil Baphomets made with the bespoke nature of “Old Occult” in mind. Each of these are one of a kind due to their hand made nature. Solid copper and made with heirloom quality in mind. There are three versions, pictured here. These are available only in limited quantities. Each medallion is $50 + $10 S&H. Or, if you buy more than one medallion, shipping is a flat $15. While our website is under construction, people interested in purchasing a Bitchcraft Boutique medallion may contact me directly via direct message on Facebook. Each medallion […]

Episode 6: David Harris | Amen with JC Best

Episode 6: David Harris | Amen with JC Best

Amen With Jc Best Published on Aug 27, 2019 Watch JC fight the Church of Satan in the newest episode of Amen w/ JC Best. Welcome to Amen, a weekly church service conducted by disgraced preacher JC Best.

Der Rabe: Satanism in German

Der Rabe: Updates to our German Language Outpost

Der Rabe: Updates to our German Language Outpost Satanic book list. Satanic movie list: Magus Peter H. Gilmore: Weicherei überall (originally published in The Black Flame, Volume 6, numbers 1 & 2, 1997, and The Satanic Scriptures, 2007) And a new essay by Priest V. Noir.