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The Devil’s Mischief #680

The Devil’s Mischief #680

The Devil’s Mischief continues its 20th anniversary celebrations with a look back at two rare Halloween specials! Hear the 2005 and 2006 Halloween episodes, featuring a mix of Halloween-themed comedy and novelty from RICHARD PRYOR, EDDIE IZZARD, SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINS, ALICE COOPER, and a lot more! Stream The Devil’s Mischief #680. Download The Devil’s Mischief #680.

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Listening to Gilbert Gottfried: A Worthwhile Torture

Ever since the launch of Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, I have been overwhelmed by a reluctant urge to spread the word. Perhaps unfortunately, I’ve decided that I cannot recommend it highly enough. Gottfried is what some might call “stuck” in the past. In this case, that unfashionable attitude is a Satanic virtue. His guests are showbiz veterans who share his old-fashioned obsessions, often having played a part in that very history. Gottfried and his co-host also review films, a number of which happen to be on the Church of Satan’s recommended viewing list. Combining irreverent humor with reverence for the […]