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HORNS: Issue #5

The Summer Solstice Has HORNS

After a year of resting in the ethers, HORNS has emerged to greet the summer with more erotic Queer Witchcraft than ever before. In this issue, you’ll learn about the founder of one of the first Covens for Queer People, the Minoan Brotherhood, Eddie Buczynski. Meet the man who broke down the Broom Closet for all Gay Pagans as we interview Christopher Penczak—author of Gay Witchcraft and The Mighty Dead. Feel your lusty loins growl in heat when you see what our Incubi are up to this issue. You’ll find them celebrating Gay Pride on the Astral Plane, all tied […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

HORNS Magazine has released new content! As Issue 2 of the only Homoerotic Occult magazine is wrapping up, we have released some new articles on www.hornsmagazine.com to wet your whistle. ·      A review of Justin Symbol and the God Bomb’s new music video “Godhead” ·      Reviews of New Moon Witchery’s occult items ·      Check out HORNS Contributors! We know that we’re not the only Queer Occultists and we aim to shine a light on our corner of Gay Culture with the  “WHO HAS HORNS?” articles; tell us about yourself on our tumblr page and you could be featured in HORNS Magazine!  […]

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MILITANT EROTICISM Hardcover Returns! To celebrate the release of HORNS Magazine and Aden Ardennes’s 28th Birthday, MILITANT EROTICISM Hardcover has been rereleased. Head on over to MilitantEroticism.com to pick up your copy Head over to Hornsmagazine.com to see the world’s first Homoerotic Magazine by the Gay Occultist, for the Gay Occultist. The Hardcover option will only last for a very limited time. Time is always your enemy, don’t let it pass.

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HORNS MAGAZINE HORNS is truly where the Occultists cum–the world’s first homoerotic magazine that explores the shadowy world of witchcraft, sorcery, and our homo heritage. Within our pages you’ll find sexy Incubi, interviews with fellow travelers of darker paths, dirty demonic cartoons, erotic ceremonies, and of course, more naked men! HORNS is for all those queers who yearn for erotica with a witchy bend. For the twink who calls on spirits to bring him a nice 9-incher to sit on, for the queen who dances sky-clad under the full moon, the jock who invokes the Old Ones to get that […]