HORNS: Issue #5

The Summer Solstice Has HORNS

After a year of resting in the ethers, HORNS has emerged to greet the summer with more erotic Queer Witchcraft than ever before. In this issue, you’ll learn about the founder of one of the first Covens for Queer People, the Minoan Brotherhood, Eddie Buczynski. Meet the man who broke down the Broom Closet for all Gay Pagans as we interview Christopher Penczak—author of Gay Witchcraft and The Mighty Dead. Feel your lusty loins growl in heat when you see what our Incubi are up to this issue.
You’ll find them celebrating Gay Pride on the Astral Plane, all tied up for you to feast on, and in the throes of Eden.
Expand your kitchen witchiness with some summer potions and a magical bathing ritual.
The Gay Witch is a special kind of Sorcerer and HORNS is here to celebrate the most hidden niche of Gay Culture: the dick-sucking and ass eating heathenry of the Queer Occultist.
HORNS Magazine is available as a digital download and in print.
You can pick up your issue at www.hornsmagazine.com
Happy Summer Solstice!
HORNS Summer 2019
HORNS Summer 2019