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William Tull: Cannibalia

‘Cannibalia: A Feast of Horror and Suspense’ by William Tull

Now available in paperback and ebook via Amazon. (Free for Kindle Unlimited members) ‘Cannibalia: A Feast of Horror and Suspense’ is a horror anthology that includes seven original short stories and one full length novella. Take an ill-fated drive through the desert in ‘Redline’. Find out why Little Stevie doesn’t come to school anymore. Discover the true meaning of Death Metal in ‘Battle of the Band’. All of this, and much more awaits you! Digest it all in one sitting, or nibble away in bite-size chunks, the choice is yours. Just make sure to save room for dessert! This book […]

Infernal Ink Fall/Winter 2019

INFERNAL INK MAGAZINE: Fall/Winter 2019 — Devilishly Erotic Horror

Infernal Ink Magazine is a biannual magazine focused on publishing extremely dark, sexually charged fiction and poetry. In addition to their violently erotic fictional offerings, they have interviews and other non-fiction content that explore and expose the reader to artists and acts of a diabolically sinful nature. This magazine is not for the faint of heart or prudish. Print from Lulu / Kindle

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Demons Awakening Is now available on Amazon Demons Awakening is a collection of short Horror-Fiction stories. Includes: Pigs Bride, Morning Star, Knocking, Spirits, Dead and Rotting Things and The Ring of Maniae. Also six Jacoby Ash stories—Hungry, Boggart, Sanguinivore, Draugr, Vampire and Estantiga. Kindle / Print

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Possessions 2Featuring short stories by Authors M. R. Stover and Rick Powell This collection of short horror stories by various authors concerns ordinary objects somehow becoming fearful. It is edited by Paul Loh and David Burton with a cover illustration is by Alese Lea Taylor. Rick Powell’s story Messages is inspired by the Aklo language mentioned by Lovecraft and Arthur Machen and takes place in the modern day. Imagine if an unspeakable force was able to use the Aklo language to send messages to electronic devices that bring about the end of the world. M. R. Stover’s story The Ring […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


Demons Stirring is a complete collection of all of published work done by M. R. Stover for 2014; To include, Therianthrop and Revenant from the Jacoby Ash series. All short Horror-Fiction, Seven: Scary Stories that will make you shit your pants and Phantoms. Available through Amazon in paperback or on Kindle.