William Tull: Cannibalia

‘Cannibalia: A Feast of Horror and Suspense’ by William Tull

Now available in paperback and ebook via Amazon. (Free for Kindle Unlimited members)

‘Cannibalia: A Feast of Horror and Suspense’ is a horror anthology that includes seven original short stories and one full length novella.

Take an ill-fated drive through the desert in ‘Redline’. Find out why Little Stevie doesn’t come to school anymore. Discover the true meaning of Death Metal in ‘Battle of the Band’. All of this, and much more awaits you!

Digest it all in one sitting, or nibble away in bite-size chunks, the choice is yours. Just make sure to save room for dessert! This book doesn’t just contain strong language, violence, and other adult themes; it is near full to bursting. Consider yourself warned.

Featuring original artwork from:

Sylvia de Vries-Ribbers
Colter Burkey
David Lipscomb
Joel Greaves