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Just in time for the holiday, David E. Williams announces that limited copies of ALLEGIANCE TO NO CROWN from American neofolk supergroup THE MUSKETS are now available through Bandcamp. Purchase now at! “Four founders of American Neofolk music– b9 InViD, THOMAS NÖLA, ERIN POWELL and DAVID E. WILLIAMS– celebrate the founding of the American nation itself with contemporary versions of battle songs from the period. While untraditional recordings and even performances of these songs are very rare, The Muskets march them into the twenty first century with acoustic psychedelia, noisy martial pop, and choral dark ambience. There is a […]

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Forest Passage Feature

Reverend Raul Antony Interviews Tomas Pettersson of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio for Heathen Harvest

Special guest Tomas Pettersson joins Reverend Raul Antony on The Forest Passage podcast to discuss the history of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, reuniting with Cold Meat Industry at the 30th anniversary, the rebirth of Archon Satani, the upcoming brand new ORE album, touring in China and Mexico, the challenges of playing in the United States, working with EBM/Electro artists, Satanism and carnal individualism, and much more. Listen to the interview at Heathen Harvest. Cocktails, Carnage, Crucifixion and Pornography Review: Unlike many bands, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio dares to explore forbidden lore from sexuality and intoxication to social revolution and spiritual exaltation of the decadent. Cocktails, Carnage, Crucifixion and Pornography is a masterpiece of music. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio merge […]

Chaos Sedated Autumn Equinox Mix 2018

Heathen Harvest Autumn Equinox 2018 Mix

Reverend Raul Antony from Chaos Sedated presents an exclusive Heathen Harvest mix dedicated to the changing of seasons, darker nights, and the autumn equinox. Featuring Hecq, Fjernlys, Seirom (Maurice De Jong of Gnaw Their Tongues), Apoptose, Dream Into Dust, David E. Williams, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, and more. Listen now at Heathen Harvest.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Chaos Sedated #175 – Herr Lounge Corps & Cadaverous Condition (Post-Industrial Podcast) Reverend Raul Antony guides listeners through the world of post-industrial music, with detailed histories, related works, news, and announcements from the artists featured in each episode. We start the new format by introducing two bands who have recently released a collaborative album, Herr Lounge Corps & Cadaverous Condition. Learn about these two bands, hear tracks from their releases, listen to a reading from a Herr Lounge Corps live review, and more. Listen now on Radio Free Satan. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, RSS. Related Links: The Breath Of A Bird […]

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The Forest Passage #29 – Bone and Sickle Podcast Al Ridenour joins Reverend Raul Antony to discuss his newest folk horror project, the Bone and Sickle podcast. Bone and Sickle covers the cross section between folklore and horror in pop culture and history. They discuss the show’s influences, production, and future topics. Listen to their discussion at Heathen Harvest. See more at Support the Bone and Sickle Podcast on Patreon Bone and Sickle Facebook Group Tracks featured:Bone & Sickle – Lost Heads IntroWaldteufel – Von Saat Und ErnteThe Embers Of Tara – Fair Folk Of The Dark Wood More […]

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Women Sing Williams, Songs Of David E. Williams In The Female Voice (LE 12″ Vinyl, Download, and Video Trailer) Featuring Tara Vanflower, Gitane Demone, Scout Pare-Phillips, Porta Vittoria, Awen and 8 other artists from around the world! Released on North Atlantic Tesco Organisation / Tesco USA.Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Across a wide range of styles, this is the David E. Williams release unlike any other, with each track asserting itself as a newer, better ultimate version.  It’s as if each song was somehow always intended to sound this way. In USA, ORDER DIRECT FROM THE DAVID E. WILLIAMS BANDCAMP In […]

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Chaos Sedated #169 (Awen, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Blitzkrieg Baby) From the archives: Mix of industrial, dark ambient, and apocalyptic folk featuring Awen, Der Blutharsch, Rome, and more. Playlist (Artist – Track – Release): Cruelty Campaign – The Arguement – Distressed SignalsAin Soph – Kshatriya (Remastered) – KshatriyaJarl – Track 06 – Sealed VoidThe Vomit Arsonist – Unwelcome Peace – Only RedBlitzkrieg Baby – Cut. Slash. Maim. Kill. – Cannibal CommandoDer Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand – Cold Freedom – JoyrideRome – The Orchards – BerlinAwen – Needful Death – The Bells Before DawnOrdo Rosarius Equilibrio – The Future […]

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New Destroying Angel 7″ Release with David E. Williams on Keyboard!  Destroying Angel – Let the Season Find You Limited to 300.  7" on Randomly Colored Vinyl Includes digital copies of the songs “Let the Season Find You” and “No Time Left” (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released, shipping out on or around December 15, 2017Mr. Williams plays keyboard on both songs.ORDER HERE!

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Chaos Sedated #168 Rewind (Death in June, Arditi, In Slaughter Natives) Here’s a rewind to one of our more popular episodes while the next one is in production:  Back when this show first premiered it was my intention to focus on martial industrial, apocalyptic folk, and dark ambient music. Over time the material broadened and I included everything from power electronics to drone metal, based on whatever caught my interest at the time. This week I’m tapping into the martial and apocalyptic folk genres with some classic and new music from Arditi, In Slaughter Natives, Death in June, Et Nihil, […]