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The Infernal Legion Podcast on Radio Free Satan

Infernal Legion Podcast – Episode #037

On this #SinisterScuttlebutt episode we have a full house! Rev. Jeff Ivins and Warlock Rick Colemire join your hosts to discuss an empty time capsule unearthed at West Point, the Marine Corps. declaring war on Fox News, and yet another V.A. technical error. On The Tower, Magister Adam Campbell tackles growing dissension in the ranks of the IDF, and we all take a trip down memory lane as we recount various interactions with animals during our service and pay tribute to Navy veteran Bob Barker. Stream Infernal Legion Podcast Episode #037. Download Infernal Legion Podcast Episode #037.

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Religion Has No Place in Politics: Abortion Rights in the USA

In recent days, we’ve seen an increase in communications asking—and in some cases demanding—that we involve the Church of Satan with the heated abortion issues now being fought over in a number of US States. These recently introduced legislations are clearly religious in nature, and our organization has repeatedly stated that religion has no place in politics. We call for a secular society to equitably serve the majority interests. As a religious organization, it would be hypocritical for us to take a political position when we actively support the separation of church and state. A plethora of religions fighting it […]