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Religion Has No Place in Politics: Abortion Rights in the USA

In recent days, we’ve seen an increase in communications asking—and in some cases demanding—that we involve the Church of Satan with the heated abortion issues now being fought over in a number of US States. These recently introduced legislations are clearly religious in nature, and our organization has repeatedly stated that religion has no place in politics. We call for a secular society to equitably serve the majority interests. As a religious organization, it would be hypocritical for us to take a political position when we actively support the separation of church and state. A plethora of religions fighting it out muddies the water, and it strengthens the resolve of the faithful when they see “The Devil” as their direct opposition. One does not get rid of religion in politics by putting more religion into politics. On matters of medicine and health, we think it best that doctors and scientists should be consulted, and holy books ignored.

Do not mistake this statement to imply Satanists are sitting idly by while issues we care about are being debated on national and local legal forums. For those living in democracies, there is a responsibility to be involved, to direct issues towards ends you favor. Satanists do not expect others to do that for us, and neither should you. One could argue that the current situation has come about because people expect others to be their savior, hoping someone else will do the heavy lifting for them. In our society, people should look out for their own goals—which means you must do so or end up being taken on a ride, programmed by others, that you may not enjoy.

As individualists, we encourage people to get involved in issues about which they are passionate. Vote, speak out, and make certain your own positions are strengthened, whatever they might be, based on your own self-interests and priorities. If you have a stake in this, and chances are you do, voice your opinion to those you placed in power—or remove them by voting if they fail you. If you have not been involved politically thus far, registering to vote is a powerful first step. Instead of scapegoating or savior hunting, we Satanists call for responsibility and active participation in these deeply controversial issues.

Responsibility to the responsible.