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Candyboy: Black Mass in Westphalia (Overture)

Candyboy: “Black Mass in Westphalia (Overture)”

“Black mass in Westphalia (Overture)” is the first Candyboy piece for Orchestra. A little taste of a whole upcoming classic project. The room used for the videoclip and for the orchestral recording was ionized and illuminated with a game of mirrors, creating non-Euclidean coincidences on the walls. “Through the bizarre geometry of the angles something remote arrived from Westphalia, opening an imaginary temporal gap and the overture came to me from a fourth dimension.”

Beethoven Lives!

Beethoven Lives!

On this 249th anniversary of the birth of one of our greatest composers, you might want to take a listen to his revolutionary 9th Symphony, which has challenged, haunted and inspired many composers who followed. This performance by Anima Eterna Brugge and the Collgium Vocale Gent, directed by Korneel Bernolet, is with an ensemble that is somewhat like what listeners of Beethoven’s time might have heard—sadly, Ludvig was completely deaf when he wrote and then later conducted this work’s premiere, so these glorious sounds only lived in his mind’s ears. But you, dear listener, can feast upon this mighty music. […]

GYPS FULVUS: Cosmos & Chaos  Darkness.  Light. Brutality. Beauty. Consonance. Dissonance. A portrait of the universe and its unpredictable states of pandemonium and placidity. The music video for “Cosmos & Chaos,” a suspenseful symphonic work by Gyps Fulvus, takes you into the vast domain of black holes. burning stars, and vivid, incandescent planets.   “Cosmos & Chaos” is on Gyps Fulvus’s 2018 release, Turbulence & Tranquility, which is available digitally on iTunes and Apple Music, Amazon, Bandcamp, Google Play, Spotify, and on Physical CD for $7.99Gyps Fulvus: Official WebsiteYouTube Bandcamp / iTunes Facebook (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

VOX SATANAE – EPISODE #285 JOHN WILLIAMS TRIBUTEcurated by MAGUS GILMORE March 20, 2016 171 Minutes – Week of 21 March 2016 This is a special tribute episode curated by our own Magus Peter H. Gilmore surveying the work of the great composer of film scores, John Williams. Warlock Gene reads program notes written by Magus Gilmore and the selections include tracks from LOST IN SPACE, DRACULA, NIXON, THE FURY and many other films as well as a STAR WARS “suite” covering all seven movies. This week we feature works by John Williams with performances by The Boston Pops, John […]