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Nouvelle Catharsis by Bloody Jerry


Satanist Bloody Jerry is proud to announce his second book Nouvelle Catharsis—a collection of German Poetry. Structured in three chapters (Pathogenesis, Klinik and Therapeutikum), he offers an introspective journey through his own catharsis. Thus, you are cordially invited to accompany him on the glamourous and sleazy paths of literature. Inspired by the Satanic motives “Solve et Coagula,” the mythological Phoenix and Bertolt Brecht’s theory of drama; he championed and overcame his own demons and offers Inspiration for the reader’s own metamorphosis. Stylistic, it lingers somewhere between Dandyism, Expressionism and Surrealistic metaphors. The eBook version consists of 325 poems and various […]

Satanic Apocrypha by David SInclair-Smith

The Satanic Apocrypha by David Sinclair-Smith

Sourced from the translations of texts of several cultures, THE SATANIC APOCRYPHA compiles the complete story of SATAN in one book. This volume is a compilation of myths, poems and writings that have inspired or given voice to the story of Satan, from a Satanic perspective, as a single cohesive source of linear storytelling. Published by Aperient Press Invoke your copy NOW from Lulu  

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THE SATANIC PLAYERS SOCIETY SEEKS WRITERS If you are a budding writer and fancy having some of your work showcased by the Satanic Players Society please see the link below. We look forward to bringing your poetry and prose to life! Submissions

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Estrellita Mía Fanzine Press release Since july 2016, Estrellita Mía art and culture fanzine has been publishing exciting artists from around the world. With a focus on illustration, occult subjects, unusual art, music, cutting-edge poetry and writing, Estrellita Mía is approaching its first year. Each month Estrellita Mía explores different subjects (Mythology, Satanism, Summer indulgence, Apocalypse, Pop Music, Cats, etc.) inviting through open calls artists from around the world to submit their visions. In the past issues artists from Chile, Argentina, Japan, Israel, Italy, Germany and the USA have been displayed in our pages. Our Facebook page. Our instagram official account @fanzine_estrellitamia. June issue (number 12) […]