Religious extremism

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Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

9/11 — Marking Theist Infamy This anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon by Islamic extremists fourteen years ago is a proper occasion for fellow rational, secular individuals to note the ongoing intolerance in the name of theism manifested this past year. Here are but a few amongst myriad atrocities. In January of 2015, the Paris office of the satirical atheist magazine, Charlie Hebdo, was attacked by two gunmen, killing twelve. 134 college students were massacred in Kenya by Shabbab militants in April. In Tunisia, over 20 tourists were slaughtered at The Bardo National Museum […]

Issuing a Fatwa Against Extremism

Moderates of all faiths need to realize that the extremists among them are a cancer that needs to be cut out and removed.  And the best treatment for this cancer is ridicule.  Bravo to Mayor Aboutaleb. —Magister David Harris

12 Dead in Paris: Theist Fanaticism Strikes Again

With masked gunmen having murdered many of the staff of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, afterwards being heard to have shouted “We have avenged the Prophet Mohamed,” we have yet more evidence of the murderous madness of theism. Here’s a fresh atrocity to add to those I discussed in my New Year’s Eve message. Even I was surprised at the scope of this attack, meant to punish a magazine which had mocked Islamic taboos by printing cartoons that poked fun at their irrational beliefs. This publication had been fire-bombed in the past, so the police on the premises for security were also […]


When self-proclaimed “satanists” commit heinous acts that grab headlines, journalists typically tend not to point out that their deeds are incongruent with our philosophy of Satanism—which we have accurately presented to the public for nearly 50 years—nor do they explain that there is no organization nor any philosophical literature that would support the committed crimes. We step up to make that point and it is then said that we are “distancing ourselves” from these criminals when in fact there is already a vast gulf between our philosophy and such behavior. It is not that we’ve embraced and then disowned these […]