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The Demented1 interviews Reverend Corvis Nocturnum Listen to Reverend Nocturnum discuss his new book, HAIL THYSELF! and what it means to unlock the secrets of control, wealth, and power. (Source:

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

The Devil is in the Details: An Illustration Collection of Fiendish Art of Satan Through the Ages by E. R. Vernor / Corvis Nocturnum Includes an introductory essay by Magus Peter H. GilmoreThe Devil hasn’t always been depicted as we know him today. From the Middle Ages through to the Renaissance and into modern times, Satan has had many different incarnations in art. Scholars say that no artistic representation of Satan was produced before the sixth century, and was only made official by the Ecumenical Council of 553. From then on, however, and throughout the Middle Ages, Satan’s imagery was everywhere: […]


$ 19.99 The Inner You, Control – self control comes first. Attitude—Self esteem and confidence. Learn and Grow, Judge a Book By Its Cover. Ritual of Routine, Your Body. Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. Skin Care, Nails, Hair. Scent and Color Magic Style – clothing tips Dress Like a King Costs and MaintenanceFake it ‘til You Make It (from Goodwill to Armani, buy the best if you can.) Travel and Packing. Diligence Putting it all Together Reputation SeductionThe Masses Etiquette, a Forgotten Relic. Afterword—Power. Why we need It. Do you want to be Shirley Temple or Honey Boo Boo? Do you want to be the Barrymores or […]

St. Albans Sanatorium decoded by Reverend Corvis Nocturnum. Adam and Rebecca interview Occult specalist Corvis Nocturnum on Satanic Symbols found in the subterranean levels of the St. Albans Sanitarium. (Source:


Host Brian Treybig speaks with our Reverend Corvis Nocturnum about Satanism, the paranormal, and his many projects including those in print, video and his upcoming speaking engagements.

Debunking Myths about Satanism on Canadian Z Talk Radio

Tonight at 7pm (United States Pacific Standard Time) Reverend Corvis Nocturnum and David Lingbloom will be debunking myths surrounding Satanism and the Church of Satan, as well as offering insights into media and politically-related issues highlighting pseudo-Satanism. To listen, just go to and it should start playing automatically (the audio menu is located at the bottom of the linked page).