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Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

DER RABE: Macht was aus eurem Leben! The Raven—German language outpost for the Church of Satan—becomes active again and in the following link you will find the essay by Magus LaVey “Get a Life” translated to German. Originally published in Satan Speaks (Feral House, 1998). Original English version may be read here. HS! —Reverend Valentin Schwarz

Anton Szandor LaVey: Get A Life

In Satan Speaks, Magus Anton LaVey’s final writings were published and they included this brief piece which sets out his vision for how the Church of Satan is meant to function—precisely as it does to this day. It is a book well worth your time. —Magus Peter H. Gilmore

Killer Heels

At the Brooklyn Museum in New York, a special exhibition is celebrating the art of the high-heeled shoe. “Killer Heels” reminds me of Magus Anton Szandor LaVey’s essay, “The Witch’s Shoe as Weaponry,” in which he suggests methods for utilizing this icon of feminine power as an actual weapon of self-defense. LaVey also details the aesthetic magic of high heels in The Satanic Witch. “Killer Heels,” open until February 15, 2015, is surely a worthwhile pilgrimage for witches and any other, ahem, enthusiasts. Satan Speaks: The Satanic Witch: – Warlock M. Mandrake

Comedy 3.0

In the USA, there is much brouhaha concerning a federal grant for over $700,000 toward the development of computer software that writes jokes. The fundamental mechanics of humor are exploited by both pioneering comedians and the hacks who haunt what LaVey called “the dismal world of comedy clubs.” (“‘T’ Ain’t Funny, McGee,” Satan Speaks!) Yet consistently successful humor is the still-elusive holy grail of artificial intelligence, which grows ever closer to replacing the most productive aspects of your average human. By automating not only human tasks, but personalities, we can highlight and more freely enjoy the truly unique elements of […]

Robin Williams: Comedy and Counterpoint

The inimitable Robin Williams, whose work ranged from frenzied stand-up comedy to acting roles brimming with pathos, has died at the age of 63, an apparent suicide. Satanists frown upon any self-destructive act, but many of us will surely regret the death of this outstanding creator. Williams will be missed, but lives on through his incandescent nonsense and profound characterizations. “One cannot have a true sense of humor without an equal sense of the profound. The familiar cliche of the clown whose heart is breaking holds great validity.” —Anton Szandor LaVey, “‘T’ain’t Funny, McGee,” from Satan Speaks! —Warlock M. Mandrake […]