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Robin Williams: Comedy and Counterpoint

The inimitable Robin Williams, whose work ranged from frenzied stand-up comedy to acting roles brimming with pathos, has died at the age of 63, an apparent suicide. Satanists frown upon any self-destructive act, but many of us will surely regret the death of this outstanding creator.
Williams will be missed, but lives on through his incandescent nonsense and profound characterizations.

“One cannot have a true sense of humor without an equal sense of the profound. The familiar cliche of the clown whose heart is breaking holds great validity.”

—Anton Szandor LaVey, “‘T’ain’t Funny, McGee,” from Satan Speaks!

—Warlock M. Mandrake

Thoughts from Blanche Barton, Anton LaVey’s Biographer:

What a tragic loss for all of us. He brought so much laughter and astute, cutting observations into our lives. For a time he lived near the Black House, and frequented coffee shops and restaurants in the area. Dr. LaVey met him at a local restaurant once and he related that he seemed to be a very forthright, articulate fellow. The man’s mind spun so swiftly with comic associations, with different personalities bubbling forth at breakneck speed. He played so many roles, it’s hard to reflect on a favorite, but Death To Smoochy comes to mind immediately because of the treat of seeing him as a villainous children’s entertainment personality determined to undermine his replacement.

We will all wish we’d known the deep pain he was in and been able to do something to help. But, unfortunately, we can only grieve. The world is a much sadder place because of his passing.

—Magistra Blanche Barton