Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


It’s no surprise that the recent debut of the trailer for the film adaptation of the “50 Shades of Grey” novel has generated predictable buzz, what with millions of online views, spotlighting the great unwashed masses’ never-ending lust for the deliciously dark, albeit forbidden pleasures of the flesh—this time BDSM style.

Despite the ad nauseum of the mainstream phenom, the sordid interest does underline what Satanists instinctively know and celebrate on a daily basis. We are carnal creatures that embrace the pleasures of the flesh. And more importantly, accept even that which is often considered taboo and outside of the norm. Satanism wholeheartedly enjoys what is considered prurient by the workaday world which Anton LaVey so aptly described as “The Law of the Forbidden” where that which is not meant to be seen, or acted upon, is far more exciting than what is thrown in your face.

The very fact that people can indulge in a sexual fantasy where a young woman is made to perform various BDSM acts at the whim of a powerful man—and loves it—is why “50 Shades” is resonating with everyday folk. This type of sex, albeit in print or on the screen, intellectually titillates them, but is physically “safe.” 

We Satanists on the other hand don’t turn our backs on the taboo, and if so inclined consciously seek not what is simply “safe,” but what satisfies! As the throngs attend the film that will undoubtedly be a huge success, our kind may see the movie out of curiosity. The subject matter may spark our fantasies and add to some bedroom pleasure, but it’s nothing new.

Satanic men, who are well aware of the power they can wield, will view “50 Shades” as just another way to further their lustful cravings, or satisfy their women’s desires. And Satanic women with a penchant for a bit of pain will undoubtedly say “So what? We’ve enjoyed this all our lives!”

—Hef With Horns