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Hail Gluttony!

Hail Gluttony!

Today in the U.S. many will celebrate the secular holiday called “Thanksgiving.” It originated as a harvest festival, and the pervasive imagery has been inspired by legends about Calvinist separatist Pilgrims who emigrated in 1620 from The Netherlands to the “New World.” These staunchly Christian folks supposedly included, now and again, select nearby indigenous pagans in their festivities. However, the interactions between the European immigrants and the Native Americans were often quite negative. Various virulent pathogens were unknowingly brought to North America which, in many situations, devastated the local populaces. This article about the Plymouth Colony covers many important historical details […]

The Infernal Legion Podcast on Radio Free Satan

Veterans Day 2023

On this special episode of the Official Infernal Legion Podcast, the Officers and Legionnaires of the Infernal Legion celebrate Veterans Day and our six year anniversary! We discuss the history of Veterans Day, the phrase “Thank you for your service,” and the founding of the Legion. Featuring submissions from Magus Peter H. Gilmore, Magistra Templi Rex Blanche Barton, Magister Adam Campbell, Rev. Jimmy Psycho, and more! Stream the Infernal Legion podcast. Download the Infernal Legion podcast.

The Phantasy Series

Art Prints from Satanme: The Great Szandor, The Black House

Happy Halloween!!! As the veil of darkness thins ever so greatly tonight, the Devil’s Night, we respectfully celebrate life and death with new vigor and remembrance! On this day of Tricks and Treats, we do have a Treat for you! A Treat, 18 years in the making! I can finally officially announce the Release of the new Phantasy Series of Fine Art Prints and to start I am releasing two works I commissioned 18 years ago, the first is “The Great Szandor,” a dedication piece that allowed my imagination to run wild! The second is “The Black House,” another dedication […]

Happy Halloween from The Black House

Halloween 2023: Danse Macabre

We Satanists find Halloween to be a holiday that celebrates the outsider, the other, those who are not like most. It is on this night that the “normals” tend to explore their own quirks and inner-darknesses by wearing costumes that often reveal aspects of themselves typically hidden during the rest of the year. We’ve seen that there has recently been a plethora of party-poopers publishing lists of costumes that are considered to be in poor taste, or in some way offensive to these namby-pamby nincompoops. Fie on such spoilsports! I suggest it is far wiser to find a mode of […]

Reverend Jeff Bowling of the Church of Satan

Reverend Jeff Bowling explains Satanism Live on KWRO with Rob Taylor

5:08 PM, Monday, 10/23/2023 Reverend Jeff Bowling of the Church of Satan and founder of the Infernal Legion, a group for Satanist veterans, will be interviewed by Robert Taylor for what will be a fascinating discussion. Catch the broadcast livestreaming at For more information, follow this link.

Reaper's Underground on Clive Barker's Nightbreed

Reaper’s Underground: Spooky Season Series: NightBreed Talk with Magister Bill M.

My Demons and Devils, Magister Bill M. of the Church of Satan returned to the Underground during my Spooky Season series, Wednesday October 11th at 8pm CST. It’s a special edition indeed as we discussed Clive Barker’s timeless cult classic Nightbreed! Bill and I spoke about the film and the story in great length and show you some special Nightbreed collectibles of his!

The Infernal Legion Podcast on Radio Free Satan

Infernal Legion Podcast #039

On this #SinisterScuttlebutt episode of the official Infernal Legion podcast, Warlock Rick Colemire and Satanist Raul Atondo join the show! We discuss the Marine Corps’ missing fighter jet, recent developments in the Bowe Bergdahl desertion case, and the sometimes tedious reality of war. On The Tower, Magister Adam Campbell talks about a new program by veteran gun store owners to combat veteran suicide, and we close out by discussing a rise in VA scams further complicated by a lack of qualified claims processors. Stream Infernal Legion Podcast #039. Download Infernal Legion Podcast #039.

Exquisite Equinox!

Exquisite Equinox!

Hail to all you sagacious beings who celebrate the Earth’s successive seasons! Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, Fall’s arrival brings cooler evenings, with the promise of bountiful harvests to come. The impending touch of frost should, ere long, ignite leaves to blaze with vivid colors. Those in the Southern Hemisphere rejoice in the triumph of Spring’s active growth over Winter’s dormancy. They may savor Nature as it rises from stasis, surging forth with renewed vigor. Satanists find it fulfilling to luxuriate in a vital, carnal existence, embracing the majestic cycles of our precious, fragile island in the abyss of space. […]

The Infernal Legion Podcast on Radio Free Satan

Infernal Legion Podcast #038

Warlock Chris Little joins us on this special #WickedWarrior episode of the Official Infernal Legion Podcast to discuss his time in the U.S. Navy, discovering Satanism and joining the Church of Satan, and his new YouTube video series: Satanism 101. Stream Infernal Legion Podcast #038. Download Infernal Legion Podcast #038. Satanism 101 YouTube Channel.