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Radio Free Satan

Happy 20th anniversary to Radio Free Satan!

Launched in 2000, Radio Free Satan established itself as one of the earliest licensed, online radio networks in the world, and the first with shows from a Satanic perspective. As technologies changed over the years, so did the station, from its earliest days as a continuous 24-hour audio stream of scheduled shows, to today’s individual podcasts available for automatic, high-quality download. Many programs have come and gone over the past 20 years, but RFS still continues to deliver a variety of unique and free shows created and hosted by members of the Church of Satan. Learn more at  Hail […]

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Radio Free Satan: The Metro #364 Warlock JNothing brings the 80s again with some Aldo Nova, Total Coelo, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper, Blondie, Strawberry Switchblade, Beat, Adam & The Ants, Nick Lowe, Taco, Single Bullet Theory, Romeo Void, Rick Astley, The Psychedelic Furs, and ending off with some John Mellencamp.

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The Accusation Network:  Three Podcasts, One Network  In early-2016, Purging Talon began production on The Accusation Party podcast, a series dedicated to putting to rest the often blatant cultural nonsense of such repressive thoughts and actions as third-wave feminism, Islam’s attempt at compatibility with the West, the bias selectivity of so-called hate speech, the war against personal eugenics, and still others. And while this podcast continues with its critical mission, there was certainly room for less serious content; additional podcasts that take a lighter and certainly more humorous look at our culture — past and present. This week, we announce […]

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NEW PODCASTS ON RFS: METAL, CLASSICAL, COMEDY, SOCIAL COMMENTARY, ROCK, PSYCHOBILLY, INDUSTRIAL, HORROR FICTION, AND MORE! This week we have Citizen JNothing covering three shows, including a new format along with 80’s hits on The Metro, a new episode of Metal Invaders, and Industrial/EBM on The Sanitarium. Magister Bill M. turns to George Carlin for political commentary on The Devil’s Mischief, we pour some hellfire in memory of Patsy Cline on Clint Mephisto’s Road Show, Magister Paradise attacks the culture of offendedness and censorship on The Accusation Party, Warlock Gene plays classical and choral performances on Vox Satanae, M.D. Roche […]

A Moment With Magister David Harris Join “The Demented1″ as he interviews Magister David Harris of the Church of Satan as we discuss Satanism, fetish films and his new podcast titled Sex, Song, Sinema, & Satanism. (Source:

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Merry Yuletide from Radio Free Satan! Get that eggnog and mistletoe ready, the Bad Santas at Radio Free Satan have a bevy of new episodes for you and your holiday guests! THE DEVIL’S MISCHIEF’S STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL! The Devil’s Mischief has its own STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL! Lightsabers meet tinsel in this great collection of comedy and novelty all having to deal with either that December event that people are taking religiously while being afraid of what words they use to express it around other people…AND also Christmas too!  Hear BOB RIVERS, DAVE ALLEN, RICHARD CHEESE, PATTON OSWALT, EDDIE […]