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The Accusation Network: 

Three Podcasts, One Network 

In early-2016, Purging Talon began production on The Accusation Party podcast, a series dedicated to putting to rest the often blatant cultural nonsense of such repressive thoughts and actions as third-wave feminism, Islam’s attempt at compatibility with the West, the bias selectivity of so-called hate speech, the war against personal eugenics, and still others. And while this podcast continues with its critical mission, there was certainly room for less serious content; additional podcasts that take a lighter and certainly more humorous look at our culture — past and present.

This week, we announce two NEW additions to our podcast offerings.

Strange Moments in Cultural History is the class you never took in high school. Grab a seat up front and turn off your brain as we fill your head with tales of oddballs, villains, outcasts, flops and other lesser-known events in this thing we call human existence. 

World Mockery Today delivers stories that show the full spectrum of human folly. Through its dedicated staff of one, WMT features the latest examples of wastrels, basket cases, whiners, and others whose lives serve as unintended grist for the humor mill. If your pants fall down, we’re telling everyone about it. That’s something we like to call integrity.

Both debut episodes are already available in the same podcast feed that carries The Accusation Party, and with more episodes to follow. If you’re already subscribed, then you will receive all of these shows in one place.

Collectively known as The Accusation Network, we hope these three programs will both enlighten and entertain. And why not throw in a little outrage for good measure, too.

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