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Satanthology by Draconis Blackthorne

SATANTHOLOGY – Theater of Nightmares by Draconis Blackthorne

Your journey is about to begin… You travel along Route 666 where many strange & wonderful things can be seen once your eyes accustom to the darkness herein. The Devil’s pikestaff road sign emerges up from Hell directing you to your next destination throughout the Four corners of The Black Earth. Make your choice: 6. THE LEGEND OF HAUNTED DEVIL’S CANYON 6. THE LEGEND OF DEVIL LAKE 6. DEVIL’S GATE 13. BLOODTHORN MANOR Fantasy & reality are blurred in these shadowy dimensions, where the nightmares of your mind project onto reality, creating a world of invigorating terror! No turning back! […]

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Now available in iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher,, and at Satanic Story Time presents episode 27 – “The Judas Clock” from Inner Sanctum Mystery. The Devil’s Tuning Fork: I play a track by Ghost from their album, Infestissumam entitled, “The Monstrance Clock”. The Devil’s Workshop: We join our protagonist, Sebastian Packer, expert clock maker with a blood-tainted history. The mysterious “Judas Clock” has caused him tragedy and misfortune ever since it washed up on the shore and arrived in his father’s clock making shop in London almost 30 years ago. From the time he first laid his eyes on it, […]

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Happy 15th anniversary to Radio Free Satan! In celebration of fifteen years of infernal audio, hear ALL of our current shows represented in this extra-long special, with unique contributions from every DJ. Also Magister Bill M. welcomes back Professor Sinister, host of Radio Free Satan’s “Vault of the Lost” program (2000-2007), for an exclusive talk about the station’s early history, its rise through the highs and lows, rare station recordings, and more. Hail Radio Free Satan!

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Radio Free Satan gives you an amazing line-up of podcasts for the week of Halloween – In episode #13 of Confessions of a Wicked Witch, Magistra Ygraine interviews Witch Tania of Helle Magazine – Vox Satanae brings a very special collection of pieces curated by Magus Peter H. Gilmore himself – Satanic Story Time presents a double feature. Hear “The Shadow People”, a recreation of a 1953 radio program voiced by The Satanic Players.  Also, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” with special Guest Gyps Fulvus – Reverend Bill M. brings a selection of Halloween-inspired comedy and novelty on The Devil’s […]