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Satanme: 1.25 inch Sigil of Baphomet Medallions

Satanme: New 1.25″ Sigil of Baphomet Medallions

Satanme presents a spectrum of colors in their latest line of 1.25″ cloisonné Sigil of Baphomet medallions, authorized by the Church of Satan! Select your favorite colors and place an order here.

Satanme: Dual-Plated Sigil of Baphomet Medallions

Dual-Plated Sigil of Baphomet Medallions by Satanme!

We take great pride in introducing the first ever Dual Plated Baphomet Medallions! Months of innovation went into bringing these “monsters” to life, but we can finally shout “It’s Alive” with all our breath! Bone Black and Ghost versions. Experience the glorious Horror and many other things at

Baph-o’-lantern by Satanme

It’s Alive !!! The Haunting Baph-o’-lantern !!! It’s Your Life, So Personalize It! We Ship Worldwide! ? | #satanme

Church of Satan Letterhead Pins from Satanme

Church of Satan Letterhead Pin by Satanme

This truly unique Church of Satan Letterhead Pin pin is based off the stationery designed by Dr. LaVey soon after the Church of Satan was formed back in 1966. The drawing was used on all Church of Satan letters and correspondence for many years. The dragon that wraps around the Baphomet was later shrunk down and used on the pages in The Satanic Bible. The Pin measures 2 inches wide by 2 inches high and about 1.5mm thick, the Baphomet Sigil on the pin is just about 1.25 inches by itself! It is quite the eye catcher with its size! On […]

Sigil of Baphomet Flags by Satanme

Sigil of Baphomet Flags by Satanme

Three flags bearing the Church of Satan’s Sigil of Baphomet are now available: Church of Satan Stonewall Pride Flag Satanme-Styled Pride Flag Black Background White Sigil of Baphomet All flags are double-sided! Only at Satanme!  

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Regarding the Netflix/Sabrina Lawsuit

Recently, The Satanic Temple has filed a suit against Netflix over a depiction of the symbolic deity Baphomet in their series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. As a significant number of people seem to be confusing this with us, we would like to clarify that TST is a political activist group that has nothing to do with us, nor with the religion of Satanism which we founded over 50 years ago. The Church of Satan has not filed a suit against Netflix, nor do we have a problem with their Sabrina show, which we’ve previously discussed. Regarding the suit itself, while […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

RABID CROW ARTS & GRAPHICS While many Satanists choose to keep their support for the Church of Satan strictly covert, there may be certain circumstances where it serves a Satanist well to boldly fly the colors. For those times, Rabid Crow Arts & Graphics has created an entire line of clothing, art and other items featuring our Sigil of Baphomet as well as other imagery refelecting a Satanic aesthetic. Visit to see our goods. I also have a fledgeling Twitter account @RabidCrowArt which I hope to see tweeting with increasing intensity in coming weeks and months. Hail Satan! —Magister […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

T-SHIRT Sigil of Baphomet Church of Satan OFFIZIELL LIZENSIERT Handgemachtes Logo, gestickt vorne und Hinten / Logo Durchmesser vorne: 11 cm / Hinten Satan`s little helper Länge 23 cm.   Das T-Shirt hat eine sehr hohe Qualität in Stretch-T und färbt beim Waschen nicht aus. Alles Handgemacht in der Schweiz. Erhältlich in den Grössen S / M / L / XL auch in Girlie Shirts erhältlich. Preis inklusive Versand in alle Länder: 60 SFR / 53 Euro / 48 £ / 63 $ Kontakt / Bestellung unter: [email protected]        T-SHIRT Sigil of […]