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The Devils Reign V: Tyrants


The long awaited 5th book in The Devils Reign art book series, TYRANTS, is now active and launching on Kickstarter in February 2023. Curated and with an introduction by Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of The Church of Satan and including a foreword by David Ingram, lead singer of legendary heavy metal band Benediction. Tattoo artist and producer of the book series, Andy Howl, will again be assembling a stellar list of artists for the book, including illustrators, tattoo artists, photographers, sculptors, and more… Along with open submissions from the general public. Submissions will begin Spring 2023. For more information, […]

Burned at the Stake

Burned at the Stake, Returns!

Florida based extreme metal band, Burned at the Stake, fronted by Reverend Andy Howl, will play their first shows since 2021 this weekend. After their video and single release for Buried Alive last fall, the band replaced several members and has been diligently pushing forward with its new roster. Catch the black metal and doom metal influenced group this Friday July 8th at HOWL Ft Myers and then Saturday July 9th at Rubix in Melbourne, Florida. Rev. Andy Howl is best known for publishing The Devils Reign series of art books with Magus Peter H. Gilmore since 2015.  The hardcover […]

Rev. Andy Howl at The Texas Tattoo Convention

Rev. Andy Howl at The Texas Tattoo Convention, March 4-6

Devils Reign art book producer and tattoo artist, Reverend Andy Howl, will be at The Texas Tattoo Convention, March 4-6 in San Antonio, Texas. The invite only tattoo convention hosts some of the very best tattoo artists in the world each year. Andy will be doing his Satanic tattoo flash, including his popular version of the devil shadow puppet design, as well as taking select appointments. Along with tattooing, Andy will have a selection of his art prints, shirts and Devils Reign books (curated by Peter H. Gilmore) available for sale at his booth. The Texas Tattoo Convention will be […]

Rev. Andy Howl tattooing at Nightshade Ink Tattoo

Rev. Andy Howl Tattooing in Cincinnati, Ohio – December 28-29

Reverend Andy Howl will be guest tattooing in Cincinnati, OH at Nightshade Ink Tattoo, December 28 & 29. Andy will be doing his highly collected Satanic flash tattoo designs, including the stylized devil shadow puppet designs he has become known for in Florida. Andy will also be doing select small to medium size custom tattoos on a case by case basis. Appointments are limited. To request a booking email [email protected] or DM him on Instagram @andy.howl Andy is best known internationally for publishing The Devils Reign series of art books, curated by Magus Peter H. Gilmore, over the last 6 […]

Burned at the Stake: Buried Alive

Burned at the Stake releases first music video, Buried Alive.

Reverend Andy Howl has been hard at work the last few years with his extreme metal band, Burned at the Stake. This past Halloween weekend “Buried Alive” was released and premiered at HOWL in Ft Myers. The 5 minute black and white film features a premature burial and kaleidoscopic nightmare imagery. Shot and edited over the last few months in south Florida, it was directed by Zane Atom and includes performances by Switch Suicide, Sergio De Armas, with makeup fx by Deciymber Goss. It also marks Burned at the Stake‘s first full song release online. Andy is best known for publishing The […]

Andy Howl at the Tabernacle of Oddities

Reverend Andy Howl at the Tabernacle of Oddities expo in Ybor City, Tampa

Devils Reign art book producer, tattoo artist, and Church of Satan Reverend Andy Howl will be appearing at the inaugural Tabernacle of Oddities expo in Ybor City, Tampa. Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th, August 2021. Andy will have Devils Reign books and merchandise available for sale and will also be tattooing a selection of his traditional Satanic blackwork designs.  The Devils Reign is an ongoing hardcover art book series curated by Church of Satan High Priest, Peter H.Gilmore. The series features more than 400 world famous painters, tattoo artists, and illustrators, along with both emerging artists and members of The […]

Romano: The Devils Reign Virtual Gallery

The Devils Reign Virtual Gallery

Stephen Romano, with the assistance of the Reverend Andy Howl, has created a virtual gallery based on The Devils Reign exhibition of 2016 in honor of this Walpurgisnacht: the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan and the 20th anniversary of Peter H. Gilmore becoming its High Priest. Special thanks to Katie Doherty, for helping to maintain the integrity of the project by releasing it on her platform, BLACKFLOWERS. You may view it here.

Wicked Walpurgisnacht

Wicked Walpurgisnacht!

This year’s holiday marks the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan, and my 20th anniversary of becoming its High Priest. It has been my honor to guide this organization into the 21st Century, maintaining the unadulterated legacy of our founder, Anton Szandor LaVey, in a trajectory that both expands and enhances his vision for the world’s first carnal religion. My focus emphasizes the radical individualism that is the heart of Satanism. My method is to both cultivate and inspire our exemplary members to show the validity of our perspective via their own unique achievements. Our members […]

NPR's 3 Song Stories

Reverend Andy Howl on NPR’s “3 Song Stories”

Reverend Andy Howl on NPR’s “3 Song Stories: Biography Through Music—Episode 84” Andy and his wife Alainna run HOWL Gallery/Tattoo, and Andy co-founded the Fort Myers Art Walk and founded the Fort Myers Music Walk events. Andy published a yearly coffee table art book series entitled The Devils Reign, co-curated by Peter H. Gilmore and featuring world renowned tattoo artists, painters and illustrators. This year, Andy started an original heavy metal band, Burnedatthestake, and their debut performance will happen this Winter at HOWL Gallery. Burnedatthestake on Facebook and Instagram: @burnedatthestake.metal  3 Song Stories Episode 84: Andy Howl