Andy Howl at the Tabernacle of Oddities

Reverend Andy Howl at the Tabernacle of Oddities expo in Ybor City, Tampa

Devils Reign art book producer, tattoo artist, and Church of Satan Reverend Andy Howl will be appearing at the inaugural Tabernacle of Oddities expo in Ybor City, Tampa. Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th, August 2021.

Andy will have Devils Reign books and merchandise available for sale and will also be tattooing a selection of his traditional Satanic blackwork designs.  The Devils Reign is an ongoing hardcover art book series curated by Church of Satan High Priest, Peter H.Gilmore. The series features more than 400 world famous painters, tattoo artists, and illustrators, along with both emerging artists and members of The Church of Satan. Andy has been tattooing for almost 20 years and owns HOWL Gallery/Tattoo in Fort Myers, Florida. In addition to tattoos, HOWL also hosts concert events, movie screenings, burlesque shows, and even hosted The 50th Anniversary of The Satanic Bible in 2019.

About Tabernacle of Oddities (From the facebook event page):
Dysfunctional Grace proudly presents the annual Tabernacle of Oddities. A spectacular two day event with over 27 purveyors bringing you the raddest Wunderkammer the south has ever seen. This Friday the 13th get your tattoo at Tabernacle of Oddities by a Satanic Priest. What would an event like this be without serpents? We will have our friends from Southwest Florida Venom Farm in the building with all their reptiles on Saturday, August 14th. We will also be updating you with some performances that you won’t want to miss. Trust us. 
Tickets are $8 for one day or $15 for two day. Payable at the door. Convention hours are 12pm to 8pm. Friday and Saturday only.

Event page:
Instagram: @andy.howl / @howlbooks / @dysfunctional_grace

The Orpheum: 1915 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

The Devils Reign
The Devils Reign


Andy Howl Flash Tattoos
Andy Howl Flash Tattoos