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The Satanic Bible was written by Anton Szandor LaVey and published in 1969 by Avon. It is the founding document for the religion of Satanism, and cannon literature of the Church of Satan.

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“The Devils Reign” curated by Peter H. Gilmore,High Priest of the Church of Satan.Opening Reception: May 6,2016, 8pm -11 pmShow on Display May 6-19th The Devils Reign features images depicting devils and dark gods from current and past cultures, as well as monstrous characters inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythos. The Satanic Bible, first published in 1969 and written by Church of Satan founder Anton Szandor LaVey, was used as inspiration for the exhibit. Artists referenced LaVey’s roster called The Infernal Names which features a list of more than 50 devilish deities compiled from world mythology, including Satan, Lilith, the […]

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Disinfo Talks to Peter Gilmore: High Priest of the Church of Satan Brian Whitney at Disinfo has Magus Gilmore addressing misconceptions about the Church of Satan. Those curious about the organization, its philosophy and how Gilmore became involved will enjoy this article. Also on Facebook.

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The Devils Reign: An Art Exhibition Curated by Satan by Brian Whitney on December 3, 2015 in Art, News, Religion Brian Whitney covers the exhibition opening this Saturday evening for Disinformation, detailing the significance of the artists participating in this historic show. It runs from December 5th to January 30th, so it is perfect holiday season viewing for those looking for an antidote to the usual seasonal clichés. The opening will feature a craft beer, Belgian Dubbel aka Abbey style beer in the tradition of beer making monks, created by the brewmaster of Bury Me Brewing Co. The hardcover exhibition catalog features additional […]

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THE GENTLEMAN DOWNSTAIRS AND OTHER SATANIC PARABLES AND FABLES These parables and fables embody wicked insights found in literature by Anton LaVey and Peter Gilmore from the Church of Satan. Like Gilmore did in his The Satanic Scriptures, I’m using the word “parables” as an intentionally theatrical oxymoron. Parables have been so tied to Christian teachings that I wanted to try and decouple the two; since at its root, a parable is simply a short allegorical story. I included fables because many of the characters in the pieces are animals or inanimate objects. The first part of the site’s title […]

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Dutch Newspaper TROUW Interviews Members of the Church of Satan Below is an English translation by Reverend AEnigma of the Dutch language article. It should be noted that the journalist took notes, rather than recording the interviews, and thus some concepts seem a bit distorted when translated from their original language due to her interpretation of the subject.TROUW(by Harriët Salm — 7/12/15)EVILEvil is everywhere. The pilot of your flight can be suicidal, your daughter’s boyfriend a jihadist, the new neighbor a heavy criminal. How do we deal with evil in the world and in ourselves? Reporter Harriet Salm investigates this […]

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The Satanic Bible & The Satanic Rituals together in one hardcover volume! Beginning April 30, 2015, Rabid Crow Arts & Graphics is selling a new hardcover combined edition of Anton Szandor LaVey’s The Satanic Bible & The Satanic Rituals in celebration of the the anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan. As the seminal texts for the religion of Satanism, LaVey’s classic works have been in continuous paperback publication for nearly half a century. For decades, the 1970s University Books hardback editions of these books have been out-of-print. When found, these are expensive collectors items costing hundreds of […]


We welcome Magister Bill M.—who has been a source of undefiled wisdom on our Unofficial Facebook group—as he joins the Great Minds section of our official website with two essays: Why a “Free” Satanic Bible is UnSatanic The Darth Vader Shirt Enjoy!

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“The Girl Who Played With The Dead” by G. Edwin Taylor An inside look at the life of a true chicago legend. Artist G. Edwin Taylor has shown us the monsters under our beds. He has peeled back the curtain to prove once and for all, you should be afraid of the dark. Click on this link to hear him discuss his career, techniques, and his thoughts about The Satanic Bible. View our own Citizen G. Edwin Taylor’s Art here.


The Secret Life Of a Satanist The Authorized Biography of Anton Szandor LaVey By Blanche Barton An insider’s view of the iconoclastic man who founded the Church of Satan and wrote The Satanic Bible. After the original publication of this biography in 1990, Anton LaVey and Blanche Barton fought through the “Satanic Panic” together, guiding the Church for another seven years. In this revised, expanded edition, Barton takes you inside the walls of the fabled Black House to candidly share her experience of LaVey’s struggles and triumphs during his final years. This new volume provides additional rare images, offering insights […]