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The Metal Grotto

The Metal Grotto Episode 63 “Lords Of Chaos Special”

With the forthcoming release of the film “Lords Of Chaos”—based upon the book by the same name—DJ Warlock Hell On Wheels shares tracks from that era, along with his somewhat encyclopedic knowledge of the genre. Featuring bands that influenced Norway’s infamously bloody second wave of Black Metal, with a few surprises tossed in. Only on Radio Free Satan Stream Episode 63 Download Episode 63

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METAL BREAKFAST RADIO – EPISODE 40.3  In an 11th hour panic, Dave manages to get a new episode together, but sadly on his own. The reason? Well, you may remember that last week there was a problem with uploading to the iTunes feed – even though it was a repeat episode – but the problem took a while to fix. All sorted now, as Dave explains, so this is a somewhat indulgent show on his behalf. You know you love ‘em.  Listen now on Radio Free Satan!

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Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 39.8  Now available on Radio Free Satan: No Bob, but Kent is here – as well as “The American” so it’s a fun show. This is a continuation of the last time the boys from MBR were out braving the sun on the roof of Ingram Towers and it’s quite apparent early on that several and/or many beers have already been either quaffed, imbibed, or osmotically absorbed. That said, there’s some constructive criticism to be had, and a particularly perfect parlay of the purloined party pieces. Or it could just be the boys talking bollocks. […]

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Metal Invaders episode 141: The Devil Made Me Do It! After a long hiatus, DJ Hell On Wheels returns to hosting duties on the showWith thanks to Warlocks J Nothing and David Ingram for filling in during the Hiatus. Only On Radio Free Satan!