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Speak of the Devil presents Never Have I Ever: Satanist Edition - Episode 002

Never Have I Ever – Episode 002

Join Tonight Friday, 22 January at 6pm MST Live on YouTube     Speak of the Devil presents Never Have I Ever: Satanist Edition – Episode 002. This delicious episode features Panelists Reverend Campbell, Satanist Erin Lynn, Warlock Jeff Bowling, and 3 live chat Audience Assistants. ‘Never Have I Ever‘ is the latest game show brought to life in the vein of ‘Beelzebubblegum‘, ‘Pseudo-Satanic Bingo‘, and ‘The Tonight Show’s True Confessions‘. There will be audience participation and prizes to be won, so make sure you’re live in chat for your chance to play! Learn More: https://reverendcampbell.com/never-have-i-ever/ Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ReverendCampbell Email […]

Therapy Through A Lense

Therapy Through A Lense: The Church of Satan

Warlock Jeff Bowling is interviewed for this site which brings awareness to PTSD & Mental health issues with music, film, and photography. Therapy Through A Lense: The Church of Satan

Good Mourning America – Episode 24

Bacterial agents, ultrasonic and subsonic audio weapons, food and water manipulation, urban warfare, and more! Join your hosts Lorcan Black and Jeff Bowling, with special guest Reverend Raul Antony, as they discuss: – Rev. Antony’s various personal projects – Identity Politics as the new religion – The Invisible War Good Mourning America is your source for news and current events from a Satanic perspective, every week, only on the Third Side Network. Follow Reverend Antony’s work at invisible-war.net Read about Anton LaVey’s Invisible War concept in Apocalypse Culture, available from Feral House.

The Infernal Legion

Reign in Hell: A Memorial Day Tribute to our Fallen Comrades

Today, we honor the brave men and women who paid the ultimate price in the defense of liberty. Through their willingness to lay down their lives, they insured that the values of freedom, justice and self-determination will live on. The sacrifice these individuals made, has earned them a place of respect and admiration in the hearts and minds of those they left behind. With that sentiment in mind, the Infernal Legion has collected some creative works from within their ranks, which shed a unique light on how veterans view this solemn day. Join these wicked warriors as they raise a […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Trapezoidal Roast of Aden Ardennes Hosted by Reverend Campbell Featuring Citizen Patrick DeMarco, Magister David Harris, Witch Heather Height, Reverend M. A. Mandrake, Warlock Darren Deicide, Citizen Tom Saenen & Magister Dr. Robert Johnson. Introduction by Satanist Cameron John Music by Warlock Jeff Bowling Aden Ardennes is a creative powerhouse. His contributions to podcasting with Militant Eroticism were groundbreaking. His first book by the same name, was received better than any Satanic volume in years before or since. And now with his new magazine for gay men, HORNS, Aden has proven himself to be an unstoppable and valuable creator. So lets bring him […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence: Propaganda Monday, April 9th / 8pm MST Live on Facebook Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence. Reverend Campbell is being joined by Warlock Jeff Bowling and Reverend Raul Antony to discuss Propaganda. We live in an age of socio-political propaganda that not only influences our thoughts and actions, but steers the direction of social movements and political parties. We will deconstruct the meaning and effects of propaganda, and examine historical and modern versions of it in use. As Satanists it is imperative that you arm yourself with critical thinking in order to […]