The Cloven Hoof


The Cloven Hoof

The Cloven Hoof, the official bulletin and Tribunal of the Church of Satan, started out as a “members only” house organ in our formative years, to go through several format changes only to re-emerge as a news-stand magazine with issue #126 in 1995 c.e. The new issue for 2003 c.e. returns to the bulletin format.

Under Blanche Barton’s editorship, this bulletin includes Satanic profiles, pertinent news, events, articles, new LaVeyan releases and rip-offs, fiction, movies and book reviews, sociological, anthropological, and mesozoological follies, poetry, applications and analyses of pursuits Magical and Mundane.

If you’ve had a great idea for a short essay swimming around in your head, some Satanic news we should all know about, if you know of a haunted or mysterious place in your area that other Satanists would be interested in, if you’ve been baffled and bemused by the latest urban legend or ridiculous talk-show topic, or misuse of the English language on the airwaves—now’s your time to shine! Send any short articles, thoughts, suggestions—and your order for the current issue, to Magistra Barton today.


If you’ve been wondering whatever happened to The Cloven Hoof newsletter, ponder no longer. Issue #133 is ready for release. There is much in this issue exploring Satanism’s role in today’s complicated and Balkanized political world, with articles about Greater and Lesser Satanic Magic, providing you with material to challenge the convention that America was founded on Christian principles, easy green smoothies, darkly evocative tarot decks and their uses, and SEX! If you are owed issues from a previous subscription, your new CH will be automatically sent to you (as long as Ms. Barton has your current address).

If you want to order a copy of The Cloven Hoof #133, send $7 ($10 overseas) in cash, money order or check to:
P.O. Box 210666,
Chula Vista, CA, 91921, USA.

Distributors: If you have a bookstore, website or other outlet and want to order several copies, Ms. Barton is offering 10% discount on orders of 50 or more, and 15% off if you want 100 copies.


Note that Magistra Barton has a few copies of The Church of Satan book available, which she will inscribe for you. Contact her at [email protected] for further information. She is in the process of re-writing and expanding this book for release later in the year and is removing some material that will then only be found is this original edition. Consider getting a signed copy now while you still can.

The Cloven Hoof
P.O. Box 210666
Chula Vista , CA 91921 USA

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