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The infamous occultural anthology from the early 90’s is back on track – with a vengeance!

Edited by Carl Abrahamsson. Cover art by Fredrik Söderberg.

Carl Abrahamsson Editor’s Introduction 
Carl Abrahamsson ‘Zine und Zeit (2011)

The Fenris Wolf 1 (1989)
John Alexander The Strange Phenomena of the Dream, Helgi Pjeturss The Nature of Sleep and Dreams, Tim O’Neill A Dark Storm Rising, Carl Abrahamsson Inauguration of Kenneth Anger, Carl Abrahamsson An Interview with Genesis P-Orridge, William S Burroughs Points of Distinction between Sedative and Consciousness-Expanding Drugs, Carl Abrahamsson Jayne Mansfield – Satanist, TOPYUS Television Magick, Anton LaVey Evangelists vs The New God

The Fenris Wolf 2 (1990) 
Lionel Snell The Satan Game, Carl Abrahamsson In Defence of Satanism, Anton LaVey The Horns of Dilemma, Genesis P-Orridge Beyond thee Valley ov Acid, Phauss Photographs, Jack Stevenson 15 Voices from God, Jack Stevenson 18 Fatal Arguments, Tim O’Neill Art On the Edge of Life, Terence Sellers To Achieve Death, Stein Jarving Choice and Process, Tim O’Neill Under the Sign of Gemini, 93/696 The Forgotten Ones In Magick, Tim O’Neill The Mechanics of Maya, Coyote 12 The Thin Line, Genesis P-Orridge Thee Only Language Is Light, Jack Stevenson Porno on Film, Carl Abrahamsson An Interview with Kenneth Anger

The Fenris Wolf 3 (1993)
Jack Stevenson Vandals, Vikings and Nazis, von Hausswolff & Elggren Inauguration of two new Kingdoms, Tim O’Neill A Flame in the Holy Mountain, Frater Nigris A Preliminary Vision, Carl Abrahamsson The Demonic Glamour of Cinema, William Heidrick Some Crowley Sources, Peter H Gilmore The Rite of Ragnarök, ONA The Left-Handed Path, Zbigniew Karkowski The Method Is Science…, Fetish 23 Demonic Poetry, Ben Kadosh Lucifer-Hiram, Freya Aswynn The Northern Magical Tradition, Anton LaVey Tests, Austin Osman Spare Anathema of Zos, Rodney Orpheus Thelemic Morality, Nemo Recognizing Pseudo-Satanism, Philip Marsh Pythagoras, Plato and the Hellenes. Terence Sellers A Few Acid Writings, Hymenæus Beta Harry Smith 1923-1991, Andrew M McKenzie Outofinto, Beatrice Eggers Nature – Now, Then and Never

Edda Bok/ICM, 2011. Softbound book, 312 pages. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

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