The Nine Satanic Virtues


The Nine Satanic Virtues

by Rev. Darren Deicide

“Satanic virtues” - a concept as blasphemous as “Satanic sins”. For those who've delved into this rich praxis called Satanism, it is apparent that virtue is as hollow a concept as sin. Clearly Anton LaVey knew that from the beginning when he subtitled the first edition of The Compleat Witch with “or what to do when virtue fails”. It is prima facie to even those with a superficial knowledge of human civilization that morality is far from absolute. Satanism frees us from convention and encourages moral relativism. To expand on this presupposition is the subject of an entirely different essay. Putting these matters aside, seasoned readers of Satanic philosophy know that when such terms as “Satanic sins” or “Satanic virtues” are presented, it is done in a facetious manner. Those with intellect and humor have no problem seeing through the amusement of such oxymorons. Satanism doesn't have much appeal for dull dimwits.

The nine Satanic sins were presented as behaviors that were antithetical to Satanism, which has broad implications. It should come natural to anyone adopting the Satanic worldview to avoid those foibles. However, this doesn't necessarily suggest the underlying principles that would constitute desirable behavior of someone pursuing their Satanic path. Or does it? I have decided to open my personal grimoire upon making the observation that implicit in the idea of sins is the idea of virtues. By examining the antonyms of the Satanic sins, it is possible to see some principles that one could use as guideposts on their personal development.

I posit these Satanic virtues. Each corresponds directly to the Satanic sins beginning with point 1 being the converse of stupidity. May these “Satanic virtues” provide you with more clarity and magic as you go forth and conquer, fellow Satanist.

  1. Intelligence
    If stupidity is the cardinal sin to avoid, intelligence is surely a virtue. A Satanist would have a natural thirst for knowledge.
  2. Competency
    Pride doesn't become pretension if you deliver the goods and accept responsibility for your path.
  3. Acceptance
    Remain keenly aware that you are strange to the herd and expect no understanding from them, even regarding rudimentary facts.
  4. Self-Awareness
    If you meditate on yourself, you can accept what the animal in the mirror is. Change that which is malignantly undesirable and keep what works, but if you fool yourself into thinking you could be something you're clearly not, you are set up for failure.
  5. Individuality
    Build an intellectual self-defense. Use it to remain unwillingly manipulated.
  6. Perspective
    It's part and parcel of acceptance, but on a more social level. Work on seeing the broad picture of human interactions and how others may view things. This is natural intuition.
  7. Appreciation of History
    Regardless of field, a key to any success will be being able to identify historical patterns.
  8. Pragmatism
    This is part and parcel of self-awareness, but like perspective, on a broader level. If you know your limits and abide by them, you won't be fooled by an idyllic version of reality. This requires vigilance.
  9. Refined Aesthetics
    Use aesthetic judgment to enhance your understanding of the world and get what you want out of it.


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