The Wedding Funeral: Tales from the Funeral Home on Kickstarter.

The Wedding Funeral Announces New Rewards for “Give Misery a Home” Kickstarter Campaign

“Give Misery a Home”, the Kickstarter campaign: With less than 20 days to complete its goal, The Wedding Funeral announces new unique rewards for the Kickstarter campaign “Give Misery a Home”—a crowdfunding effort to release their second album, Tales from the Funeral Home, on vinyl.

Rewards now include:

—digital downloads of Tales from the Funeral Home, an ideal option for international supporters and those who do not collect vinyl records.

—cassette tapes of Tales from the Funeral Home.

—limited edition signed posters of the album artwork by artist Steph Stevenson.

—unique opportunities for one-on-one lessons.

—the option of choosing new cover songs.

All rewards can be mixed and matched with Kickstarter’s add-on option.