The Wedding Funeral Florida Tour 2022

The Wedding Funeral’s Debut Florida Tour

This January, The Wedding Funeral embarks on its first tour of Florida, including dates in Virginia and Pennsylvania. New songs from The Wedding Funeral’s upcoming second album will be debuted live as well.


1/13/22 – Tallahassee, FL – The Warrior on the River

1/14/22 – Orlando, FL – Maxine’s on Shine

1/15/22 – Fort Myers, FL – Howl Gallery

1/21/22 – Williamsburg, VA – Brass Cannon Brewery

1/22/22 – Phoenixville, PA – The Soundbank

More details can be found at The Wedding Funeral is the brainchild of internationally touring, alternative punk-blues musician Darren Deicide and choral-trained Ethel Lynn Oxide. Using vernacular and homemade instruments, including musical saw and cigar box guitar, The Wedding Funeral “fuse deep, dark bat-cave creepiness onto their acoustic guitar picking and open-throat howls” “[using] rootsy blues-style instrumentation to jump all around the musical map, from pastoral British folk sounds to deep South blues to bizarre noise interludes,” say reviewers.

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