Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

To Each His Own

Today Christians celebrate the well-known myth of their savior risen from the dead while some pagans esteem a relatively obscure female deity. Some ask what might Satanists do while others honor the dawn of the dead Nazarene or a goddess of the dawn? We are free of obligations, so enjoying whatever one finds to be fun from festivities associated with this time of year would be proper for we diabolists.

While candy is often a part of this day, avoiding those wax-like brown effigies of hares and eggs in favor of more delectable and well-wrought chocolates could be in order. Tasty hot freshly-baked buns topped with icing crosses wouldn’t drive a peckish Satanist away as we are certainly not nosferatu. And if decorating eggs and playing hide and seek with them intrigues you, then have at it.

The Spring at last is in full sway here in the Northern Hemisphere and so enjoying the blossoming plants certainly can serve to give one a sense of renewal. Whatever you choose to do, or nothing at all save amused observations of those around you, may your vital lives be filled with an abundance of joy and a plethora of delights!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore