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Magus Gilmore on Nightwatch

Direct link to the MP3 file of the episode which includes a chat with Magus Gilmore about the holiday season.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

NOW PLAYING: Draconis Blackthorne and Blackthorne Productions were the subject of a recent interview on Adam Campbell’s 9Sense program on Radio Free Satan. This interview was conducted on the night of December 5th (Krampusnacht), focusing primarily on the various past and present projects, as well as business endeavors of Blackthorne Productions. The conversation ranged from the origins of Blackthorne Productions, one’s Satanic realization, subsequent affiliation with The Church of Satan, Ouija boards and oracles as objects d’art and sometimes experimental devices. The show also includes a narration of the poem entitled “Krampusnacht”.

Shadow Gallery Calendar

NOW AVAILABLE: Seasons In Hell! The Shadow Gallery Calendar is filled with Infernal Artistry, Diabolical Dates, Satanic Holidays, multimedia releases, Moon phases, & Satanic Serenades poetry. Premium & Standard Editions. Click on the images for more information and to order your copies.  

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9sense Horrific Holiday Special! Beginning Christmas Day, in the infernal spirit of the holidays, Adam P. Campbell takes you, the listener, on a holiday journey of discovery, story, music, laughter and campy fun. Featuring special guests: Kevin I. Slaughter, Matt Ingram, Sonny Bellavance, Gyps Fulvus, Darren Deicide, and Slesk. Listen via the RSS feed found at 9sensepodcast.com, iTunes, and RadioFreeSatan.com

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A “Superlative Solstice” to True Satanists Worldwide! The image above, The Original, was drawn by Anton LaVey and it appeared in The Cloven Hoof, Volume XII, #6, 1980 c.e. As has become our tradition, we invite you to read the “Old Gent’s” evocation of this primordial holiday, the name of which has been usurped by that late-coming pallid Nazarene. Today we mark the seasonal change and revive the indulgent feasting of the ancient pagan Roman Saturnalia, celebrating the original meaning of this day with fine food, loyal friends, and indulgent imbibing. Nominal Christians have long forgotten or simply consciously neglect […]

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We’ve taken the Facebook plunge!

The Church of Satan has finally established an official presence on Facebook. There are pages previously published on that service purporting to represent us. None are sanctioned nor are they in any way connected to our organization. They do not represent the Church of Satan and the philosophy conceived by Anton Szandor LaVey. Now there is one page run by officials of our organization which will properly present the philosophy we hold dear. Don’t be fooled by many frauds and imitators, regardless of the nature of their intentions. Satanism operates in the real world, and our organization exists to disseminate the […]