Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

We’ve taken the Facebook plunge!

The Church of Satan has finally established an official presence on Facebook.
There are pages previously published on that service purporting to represent us. None are sanctioned nor are they in any way connected to our organization. They do not represent the Church of Satan and the philosophy conceived by Anton Szandor LaVey. Now there is one page run by officials of our organization which will properly present the philosophy we hold dear. Don’t be fooled by many frauds and imitators, regardless of the nature of their intentions.
Satanism operates in the real world, and our organization exists to disseminate the philosophy created by our founder. Our presence on Facebook will be to facilitate the broadcasting of news items from our Tumblr page to those interested Facebook users who are dispersed throughout the world. There were requests from many people who use this tool that we consider participation so that they can have a connection to the true source of Satanism. We listened, and have created a place on Facebook for Satanism, unadulterated by devil worship and other theistic and mystical claptrap.
Whenever we open the adamantine gates even the slightest amount, the crazies often crawl over themselves to seek attention by trying to detract from our organization. To deal with this, our page is moderated by our representatives to minimize misdirecting or disparaging comments. The goal is to use this resource to send a clear message about our organization and the philosophy it represents.
You can find the one and only official page at: