Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

A “Superlative Solstice” to True Satanists Worldwide!

The image above, The Original, was drawn by Anton LaVey and it appeared in The Cloven Hoof, Volume XII, #6, 1980 c.e.

As has become our tradition, we invite you to read the “Old Gent’s” evocation of this primordial holiday, the name of which has been usurped by that late-coming pallid Nazarene.

Today we mark the seasonal change and revive the indulgent feasting of the ancient pagan Roman Saturnalia, celebrating the original meaning of this day with fine food, loyal friends, and indulgent imbibing.

Nominal Christians have long forgotten or simply consciously neglect the forced altruistic aspects of this holiday. However, it is important for Satanists to avoid getting sucked into what it now “really means” to them: high-powered consumerism – buy, buy, buy, exhaust yourself in the effort to present the “right” gifts, to include “everyone,” to not miss a single one of the accouterments the TV and web sites say you “must have." 

Instead, we Satanists kick back with friends and laugh at those Christians and other consumer cultists as they scurry around in the frantic hope that this one day with will "bring happiness” that generally eludes them the rest of the year. We buy or make things for people who deserve them if we so choose, and enjoy our outsider status from this herd hubbub. As Epicureans, we share our abundant joy in life with those who enrich us and we celebrate ourselves as is most appropriate for our philosophy of self-deification.

We keep that dreary, mythical Jesus fellow out of Yule. He was never there to begin with and was only pasted onto this season after several centuries by the Christians in order to usurp what had always been a life-affirming holiday. The Earth and its myriad pleasures is forever our domain!

Magus Peter H. Gilmore