Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

ASP Apparel – Cult of Corbis Ringer T-Shirt

allegiance to the “Cult of Corbis” with our retro 70s style ringer t-shirt! A
tribute to one the best/worst of the Satanic celluloid schlock: “The Devil’s Rain”.

Reverend Byrd
has meticulously recreated and improved the stylised stained glass Goat of
Mendes featured in the ritual chamber of the cult horror film, and Magister
has paired this with the iconic altar cloth motif
“Rege Satanas” to complete the concept. These striking Satanic t-shirts are printed by Reverend Palmer
in a range of retro colours, making this creative collaboration between three
members of the Church
of Satan
’s Priesthood of Mendes serve as a token to
transport the wearer to a bygone diabolic dimension.

Sticker with every T-shirt!
Shipping Worldwide!

ASP Apparel – Satanic Clothing & Regalia
by Reverend Ashley S. Palmer