Grand Opening of the Witchcraft District Bazaar featuring Art on You

Grand Opening of Witchcraft District Bazaar featuring Art on You

For those in or near Poughkeepsie, or for those who’d like to engage in a spooktacular October weekend getaway, come out to the Grand Opening of Witchcraft District Bazaar featuring Art on You!

Priestess Renee M. Anderson and Reverend A.W. Storm Anderson are proud to be opening their respective businesses within the shared space in Little Italy of The Witchcraft District; a nickname now becoming synonymous with Poughkeepsie.

The mystical shop where this fabulous event will be hosted is at No. 8 Mt. Carmel Pl., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 and will be on this Saturday, October 16 from 11am-6pm.

Come shop Priestess Renee’s array of: Healing Crystals & Magical Stones, Aromatic & Ritual Candles, Herbs & Cleansing Implements, The Witch’s Library, Ritual Tools, Occult & Gothic Items, Skulls and Bones, Witchy Home Decor, and Witchcraft District Novelties!

Chat with Rev. Storm about magically charged healing and self-empowering sigil tattoos performed in a ritual fashion as well as custom tattoos and original artworks and prints from Art on You located inside the WDB! Set your appointment for the “Experience of Tattoo Magic”!

Immerse yourself in the magic and mysteries beyond imagination and support the continued evolution of The Witchcraft District! What a wonderful addition to your October festivities!