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The Compleat Witch by Anton Szandor LaVey

The Compleat Story of The Compleat Witch by Magistra Peggy Nadramia, High Priestess of the Church of Satan

High Priestess Nadramia’s extensive research now brings to you the genesis and publication history of Anton Szandor LaVey’s most controversial book. Released as THE COMPLEAT WITCH, later retitled upon its Feral House republication THE SATANIC WITCH, you can follow the birth of this book and the efforts it took to bring it out in an era when many occult efforts regarding witchcraft were flooding the booksellers shelves. It stood out then as a blasphemous, carnal alternative to the competition, and still remains a work that some find shocking and offensive. Follow this link to read this thorough article, and you’ll […]

Cyber Monday Sale at the Witchcraft District Bazaar

Witchcraft District Bazaar: Cyber Monday Sale!

Priestess Renèe is running a Cyber Monday Sale for her Witchcraft District Bazaar! 20% OFF ALL Magical & Healing Crystals, Aromatic & Ritual Candles, and Singing Bowls! Use Coupon Code: BLKMGCSALE at checkout. Or, for orders over $100, Use Coupon Code: FREESHIP at checkout and get FREE SHIPPING! Only one coupon per customer, so choose the one that works best for you. HURRY, Sale Ends at 11:59 EST! Click this link! www.witchcraftdistrict.com

Grand Opening of the Witchcraft District Bazaar featuring Art on You

Grand Opening of Witchcraft District Bazaar featuring Art on You

For those in or near Poughkeepsie, or for those who’d like to engage in a spooktacular October weekend getaway, come out to the Grand Opening of Witchcraft District Bazaar featuring Art on You! Priestess Renee M. Anderson and Reverend A.W. Storm Anderson are proud to be opening their respective businesses within the shared space in Little Italy of The Witchcraft District; a nickname now becoming synonymous with Poughkeepsie. The mystical shop where this fabulous event will be hosted is at No. 8 Mt. Carmel Pl., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 and will be on this Saturday, October 16 from 11am-6pm. Come shop […]



It’s the 2018 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Hear special selections in memory of VINCENT PRICE, along with other Halloween-themed comedy and novelty from BILL BURR, OWEN BENJAMIN, SPIKE JONES, SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINS and more! Happy Halloween! Stream Episode #616 Download Episode #616

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THE DEVIL’S DIARY: XXVIII HELLOWEEN LII This issue comprises hellements of Helloween, Winter Solstice Satanalia, with observations into the New Year and throughout The Seasons In Hell, Friday the 13th & Fangsgiving observations, Nefarious News, Noctuarium Satan’s Scroll, Malefick Musick, Spechtreum, The Black Earth, Snackrifices. Plus Satanic Serenades featuring Dax Bordas. and The Shadow Gallery. Follow this link to purchase your copy.

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HERE WE GO AGAIN?  “Satanic” Graffiti in Amityville  This morning I awoke to news stories proclaiming that three churches located in North Amityville in Suffolk County on Long Island were vandalized with SATANIC GRAFFITI. Apparently, some time Saturday night, a vandal scrawled on the external walls of the Amityville Full Gospel Tabernacle, the Shaw Temple AME Zion Church, and the Zion Gospel Church, all close to one another. Oddly, none of the major news reports, which include ABC’s Eyewitness News account, show any of the graffiti. However, it was explained in other reports that the offending graffiti was painted over […]

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Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell Interviews Witch Sara Josephine  Wednesday, April 19th, 8pm MST https://youtu.be/YmIzRRvIpas Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell Interviews Witch Sara Josephine about The Still Show, Murnau and witchcraft. (Satanic Lesser Magic for those not ‘in the know’.) Learn more at http://www.thestillshow.com/ and https://soundcloud.com/sara-josephine/murnau-happy-sharp-things.

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“Wise words regarding Ritual, from an author who not only has three of his books listed in The Compleat Witch’s bibliography, but was also listed in The Satanic Bible’s dedication page.” – The Compleat Witch Illustrated Bibliography Project Follow The Compleat Witch on Facebook for more on LaVey and The Satanic Witch.

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Radio Free Satan:  DARK VOICES – EPISODE 005 – THE SATANIC WITCH PART III “In this episode of Dark Voices, I talk to Natasha Nacre; a gifted performer and witch. In this interview, we discuss changing one’s appearance to bewitch others, we break down the chapter “E.S.P. Extra Sensual Perception” and talk about each of the senses, we discuss Natasha’s long list of careers and talents, we discuss the importance of looks and the Law of the Forbidden, and much more. This is one interview that is definitely not to be missed.“ Radio Free Satan is a podcast network owned […]