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Heathen Harvest Updates: New Episode of The Forest Passage, Video Premiers for Theologian and Malignant Records and more.

Reverend Raul Antony has released a new episode of The Forest Passage. This episode features dark ambient tracks from Of Earth & Sun, Ionosphere, Kammarheit, Tunnels Of Āh, and more.

Download or stream the episode here.

Managing Editor Raul Antony is also proud to announce the following:

EXCLUSIVE: Premiering the Video for Theologian’s “Surface of the Real”

Premiering the Teaser Video for Malignant Records / Kalpamantra’s “The Earthen Siphon”

Review: The Muskets – Allegiance to No Crown (New project featuring David E. Williams)

Review: MZ. 412 – Hekatomb

EXCLUSIVE: Premiering the Video for Mars’ “The Pyres”