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Reverend Raul Antony Presents “Discreet & Perfect for Travel” From Artist Samantha Glass

Heathen Harvest writer Reverend Raul Antony in collaboration with Holodeck (label run by Adam Jones of S U R V I V E, producers of the STRANGER THINGS soundtrack) is proud to present “Discreet & Perfect for Travel”, the latest single from Austin-based producer Samantha Glass‘ upcoming album Nine Memories Between Impression & Imprint. As Samantha Glass​, Beau Devereaux continues a post-industrial tradition, from the start with Genesis P-Orridge, in breaking down expectations in identity, gender, and genres through experimentation in art and music. Nine Memories Between Impression & Imprint flows between rhythmic minimal darkwave electronics to warm ambient analog synth […]

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Forest Passage Feature

Reverend Raul Antony Interviews Tomas Pettersson of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio for Heathen Harvest

Special guest Tomas Pettersson joins Reverend Raul Antony on The Forest Passage podcast to discuss the history of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, reuniting with Cold Meat Industry at the 30th anniversary, the rebirth of Archon Satani, the upcoming brand new ORE album, touring in China and Mexico, the challenges of playing in the United States, working with EBM/Electro artists, Satanism and carnal individualism, and much more. Listen to the interview at Heathen Harvest. Cocktails, Carnage, Crucifixion and Pornography Review: Unlike many bands, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio dares to explore forbidden lore from sexuality and intoxication to social revolution and spiritual exaltation of the decadent. Cocktails, Carnage, Crucifixion and Pornography is a masterpiece of music. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio merge […]

Chaos Sedated Autumn Equinox Mix 2018

Heathen Harvest Autumn Equinox 2018 Mix

Reverend Raul Antony from Chaos Sedated presents an exclusive Heathen Harvest mix dedicated to the changing of seasons, darker nights, and the autumn equinox. Featuring Hecq, Fjernlys, Seirom (Maurice De Jong of Gnaw Their Tongues), Apoptose, Dream Into Dust, David E. Williams, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, and more. Listen now at Heathen Harvest.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

The Forest Passage #27 – Top Releases of 2017  Reverend Raul Antony discusses his favorite releases of 2017, 90′s retro, and the common ground between early West Coast Hip-Hop and Norwegian Black Metal. Including David E. Williams, Ulver, Master Boot Record, and more. Listen now at Heathen Harvest. Subscribe via iTunesSubscribe via Stitcher Radio

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

The Forest Passage #24 – Annihilvs Power Electronix Lee “Leech” Bartow joins Church of Satan Reverend Raul Antony to discuss 20 years of Annihilvs Power Electronix. We review recent Annihilvs releases from SIRE, LONGPIG, HUSERE GRAV, HOLY CIRCLE, and Leech’s soundtrack work with Cadabra Records on Clark Ashton Smith’s Inferno, H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth & The Lurking Fear, as well as the upcoming Call of Cthulhu. We then look ahead to upcoming events, including Feral, Sire, Shabti, Longpig, Casas on Jul 1 in NYC,  Theologian, Omei, Compactor, Lvmmvx Jul 17 in CT, APEX XX (RI AUG 5th w/ […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Heathen Harvest: The Forest Passage #23 – David E. Williams Interview  Reverend Raul Antony talks to David E. Williams about the recent Dave and Jerry record, his upcoming new album “Hospice Chorale”, his work with Destroying Angel and power electronics act Deathpile. We also debut the full track “The One Who Doesn’t Die” featuring Bain Wolfkind. Leave a comment on the Heathen Harvest post with your thoughts on the interview, the new track, the video for Someday I Will Live My Life as a Horse, or anything else David E. Williams related and enter a chance to win a digital […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Heathen Harvest: The Forest Passage #22 – Nathan Gray Interview  Reverend Raul Antony talks to Nathan Gray about the release his new book and album, “Until the Darkness Takes Us”. They discuss the successful crowdfunding campaign leading up the release, Reverend Gray’s progress from Boysetsfire to The Nathan Gray Collective, neofolk and industrial influences, overcoming abuse he experienced as a child, and creating new symbology and philosophy. The interview was recorded on the first week of March, leading up the release of “Until the Darkness Takes Us”. https://heathenharvest.org/2017/03/12/forest-passage-22-nathan-gray-interview/

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

New Music Video from David E Williams Premieres on Heathen Harvest  Dear friends: Please join me for the world premiere of Jim Ether’s triple-crown animated video for my song “Someday I Will Live My Life as a Horse” !!  This track will appear on my 7th full length CD, HOSPICE CHORALE, to be released in April by the good Frater at Italy’s Old Europa Cafe.   So many thanks to the incalculably valuable Heathen Harvest Periodical for hosting our premiere. See the video here:https://heathenharvest.org/2017/02/24/premiere-of-david-e-williams-video/ Pre-order my new CD here! (Pre-ordering saves you $3!) :https://davidewilliams.bandcamp.com/merch/compact-disc-pre-order-hospice-chorale-old-europa-cafe-2017-pre-order-and-save-3 Thanks and, as always, have a […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Heathen Harvest Podcast: The Forest Passage #21 – The Krampus with Al Ridenour Host Reverend Raul Antony is joined by Al Ridenour, author of “The Krampus and the Old Dark Christmas”. We discuss the historical threads that led up the Krampus, how the creature was introduced to American culture, the 2015 horror film, and Ridenour’s history with the Cacophony Society. We also talk about Neofolk music, the Satanic and carnal elements of the Krampus, Heathen culture and more.  https://heathenharvest.org/2016/12/25/forest-passage-21-krampus-al-ridenour/