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The Forest Passage #24 – Annihilvs Power Electronix

Lee “Leech” Bartow joins Church of Satan Reverend Raul Antony to discuss 20 years of Annihilvs Power Electronix. We review recent Annihilvs releases from SIRE, LONGPIG, HUSERE GRAV, HOLY CIRCLE, and Leech’s soundtrack work with Cadabra Records on Clark Ashton Smith’s Inferno, H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth & The Lurking Fear, as well as the upcoming Call of Cthulhu. We then look ahead to upcoming events, including Feral, Sire, Shabti, Longpig, Casas on Jul 1 in NYC,  Theologian, Omei, Compactor, Lvmmvx Jul 17 in CT, APEX XX (RI AUG 5th w/ TOMB, Sire, Kintaan, Compactor, Lingua Ignota, Snowbeasts), and the next phase of Annihilvs.

Listen at Heathen Harvest: