Lex Talionis


Lex Talionis

Over the years we have received inquiries from our members concerning various legal matters. We have also observed that simply educating those ignorant of our philosophy can cure many situations of perceived discrimination. The Theory/Practice and Sources pages on this site provide ample information in that regard. One can also download and print Reverend Matt Paradise’s Church of Satan Information Pack, which is a quick and easy way to provide a hardcopy of the tenets of our philosophy to outsiders.

We also receive reports of infringement of our copyrighted materials and licensed trademark. A detailed explanation of our trademark and copyrights is linked below.

The Church of Satan has always decried the victim badge that the majority of plaintiffs wear in pursuing a legal matter. As Satanists, we eschew those who claim special rights simply because they fall into a “minority” category. We earn our special privileges through accomplishment and social standing. However, we recognize that there are instances where litigation may be the only recourse against an unjust, discriminatory or unconstitutional act.

Thus, this page will be developed as an information clearing house for our members as the need arises. Members are encouraged to submit links of organizations that may be sympathetic to legal matters pertaining to Satanists and/or share our beliefs of religious liberty, church taxation, separation of church and state, etc. Educational or news related links pertaining to relevant legal matters will also be considered for inclusion.

However, it must be emphasized that the organizations listed on this page are NOT formally affiliated with the Church of Satan, and may even be publicly opposed to our philosophy, and are presented merely as legal resources to explore depending on your individual need. Some links or organizations may seem out of place, yet are provided for the additional resources they may contain therein. Any contact with the organizations listed is purely your personal choice and the mere presence of a link on this site is by no means a guarantee that a representative from such an organization will agree to assist or represent you on a legal matter.









This page, and the links contained herein, are for informational purposes only and are not in any way to be construed as legal advice. For a specific legal problem, it is strongly recommended that you consult with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction that specializes in the area of concern. The Church of Satan makes no representation as to the knowledge or experience of an attorney or any member of an organization listed on this site, nor does the Church of Satan assume any liability or responsibility with respect to a response to an inquiry made to an organization and/or attorney accessed through this site.

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