‘Till Death Do Us Part


‘Till Death Do Us Part

A Lifetime of Good Health

by Witch Veronica Black

Love? Cherish? Honour? And Obey?... I certainly do. My body that is!

A HELLTHY HAIL to you all!

My name is Veronica Black. I am 39 years old from Melbourne, Australia and I have been passionate about my life and the implications of good health upon it since I could stand. I am not about to lecture any of you. Your choices are just that… YOURS. (Responsibility to the Responsible) These are merely some of my observations, and practices in my own life.

I have always worked in the health/fitness industry. For many years I was a gym instructor/personal trainer and now for over 15 years I have been a franchisee of a sporting footwear group. I am also a marathon/ultra marathon runner. I train every day and this either consists of running or weight training in the gym. I am also a Satanist and the Satanic philosophy not only inspires and fuels my passion for life, it is a natural part of it. I also have, over the years, conducted workshops/talks on Satanism and what interesting people have crossed my path during some of these sessions!

As I’m sure many of you out there have no doubt discovered, people’s perception of what Satanism is really about is not only distorted but down right ridiculous! They are either really disappointed when they find out I can’t provide them with Satan’s mobile number (and no he won’t be able to attend your 21st birthday either) or they want to impress me with tales of diabolical dark magical skill. Indeed these also happened to be the same people who were always late for my class!

If I added up all the conversations I have had with these “Satanists” during these years I would be able to write volumes of “EXCUSE” books! People, I have heard it all! The reasons for coming to the gym in the first place… “My husband/wife thinks I’m fat” to “I don’t have time to exercise with three kids” and of course my personal favorite “I work full time.” These are all extrinsic excuses. In other words its something’s, or someone else’s fault and that is why I am here or unhealthy. I will often point out that there are only 24 hours in any given day for any of us and that your personal health needs to made a priority just like your family or job and these people look at me as though I have two heads! I don’t give my opinion unless I’m asked but often find that when I am asked, unless it’s what they want to hear, the “justification process” goes into overdrive. They will say things like “you don’t know what it’s like, it’s easy for you.” NO! Running a 50km ultra marathon is NOT easy at all. Neither is fitting in a 2 hour weight session when I run my own business, need to spend time with my partner and two kids, look after our dogs and run a household! The difference for the Satanist is that we are bloody thankful to have all of that! I love my job, my partner, kids, animals, friends, etcetera and I also love myself and I love making my self be the best person I can be. One of the tenets in Satanism is “do not complain about that you need not subject yourself” but many do not seem to notice this. If they hate their jobs, then I say to get a new job! Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not talking about anyone who has a real medical problem and who is genuinely concerned about their health. I am talking about the downright LAZY who, if they put as much effort into changing their lifestyles as they did whining about them some, would come close to being Olympic material! As the incredibly intelligent Anton LaVey said “It’s a pity stupidity isn’t painful”… How many people do you think would be writhing in agony?

In Australia we are living in a time where obesity and all of the related health problems that go with it is not only at an all-time high, it is getting worse. The insanity of it all is that now there is more information available to us to help prevent this from happening. You have the Internet, books, t.v. programs all dedicated to helping a person extend the quality of their life. These same people will eat foods dangerously high in fat, drink way too much alcohol, smoke and then be OUTRAGED when a biscuit line is recalled by a supermarket because of suspected contamination!

So exactly who or what is SATAN to me? Satan is my survival instinct in all areas of my life. Satan is my fire, courage, will, strength and determination. When I am out running marathons, Satan is the one that’s sits on my shoulder whispering “keep going, you know you have put in the training, yes you are in pain but you wouldn’t like it if it was easy.” My Satan NEVER tells me to give up and I promise all of you that if you start getting fit and healthy, you will also hear Satan’s call and what you will discover is that sweet Satanic voice you hear sounds incredibly like your own!

Hail Satan!

Yours in Satanic health,
Witch Veronica Black


Even moderate exercise has long-lasting health benefits. It is easy in our technologically controlled society to be content sitting around and escaping into some digital convenience, but this is dangerous to our health and shortens our lives.

Moderation is the key to most anything in life, and if you want to live yours with minimal health issues, a moderate exercise regime will do you well.

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