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Get Your Autographed Copy of The Church of Satan Blanche Barton’s The Church of Satan is currently being revised and expanded and it will likely be almost a year before this detailed history will be released. Copies of the original are rare and have sold for hundreds of dollars on eBay as well as and other dealers. Now, a very limited number of the original edition of The Church of Satan have just become available directly through the author herself. Blanche Barton will autograph and personalize each copy for the purchaser. Only one book to a customer! The cost […]

Official Site Update has been slimmed-down for faster loading and an FAQ has been added to make it easier for visitors to find the information they seek. There is now a search function, too. More tweaks are coming! So enter that dark domain and browse around a bit. Many thanks to Magister Frost for his assistance in adding new functionality. Magus Peter H. Gilmore

Embrace the Thirteenth

Satanists enjoy mocking superstitions, so we delight in this third “Friday the Thirteenth” of 2012. Watch the frightened tremble while we celebrate with joy! Magus Peter H. Gilmore

Farewell, Ernest Borgnine

One of the last of the great character actors passed away yesterday. Borgnine had a very long and varied career and often played roles portraying men who resorted to violence and brutality in the pursuit of their goals. THE WILD BUNCH and EMPEROR OF THE NORTH are two of my favorites. He will always be dear to Satanists for his role as Corbis in THE DEVIL’S RAIN, wherein he played a Satanic High Priest in this film for which Dr. LaVey served as an advisor. Dr. LaVey spoke to me warmly of his time in Durango with Borgnine for that […]

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A Horned Salute on Independence Day!

Satanism IS Americanism To sum up our political doctrine: Satanism IS Americanism in its purest form, with only the outdated moral codes altered to fit the times, and with recognition of the fact that only if man’s most basic instincts are satisfied can a nation receive his best. When it becomes common knowledge that we do not advocate or even approve of denial or desecration of such sacred American traditions as home, family, patriotism, personal pride, etc., but instead champion these things, our one-time opponents in “The Establishment” will not have a leg to stand on. Actually, in view of […]

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Black: A Novel by Mae Sekhmet “A cauldron of Satanic misconceptions in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District threatens to boil and overwhelm a vulnerable young woman on her lurid journey of self-discovery as she is caught in a web of fate between the man she loves and the deadly venom they will endure…”