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No Honors In False Equality

If everyone doesn’t get to wear a little white stole, no one can. Because hurt feelings and such. I wonder if they will still have any sort of class rankings in schools anymore. 

“Whelp. Can’t have a valedictorian or salutatorian any more because the other students will feel bad because it’s not them." 

It’s been many years since I graduated high school and I remember it being a big academic competition (amongst us nerds, at least). School administrators are really setting kids up for failure in the real world, and this is part of why college students need their ”safe spaces“.

—Priestess Kim Rice

The robe itself is part of it. Masters wear hoods, Doctors wear caps. It was appropriate that those achieving above the grade in academia should be distinguished in this way, at the appropriate time for just such distinction.

Are the sports champs giving up trophies, yet?

—Magistra Peggy Nadramia