Recognizing Pseudo-Satanism


Recognizing Pseudo-Satanism

They're out there!

They sometimes wear pentagrams. They sometimes wear black. They often claim to be Satanists.

You may have seen them on the television talk shows or in film “documentaries” on Satanism.

No, I'm not talking about the sickos trying to blame Satanism for their sociopathic crimes. I'm not discussing religious cults who seem to be championing the cause of ego survival. I'm not referring to the philosophical fellow-travelers of Objectivism or other Libertarian groups.

I'm talking about sheep in wolve's clothing. I'm referring to cult groups who claim to be Satanists but act just like the most dedicated Christian fanatics! I am talking about White Light Mystics who use Satanic trappings.

They are out there and they are dangerous!

How are they dangerous?

Well, in my own case it cost me almost three precious years of my life before I finally saw through the sham of one organization and began to undo the damage it caused to my life.

Yes, I said damage!

Satanism is the only religion in the world to champion the cause of the ego . The ceremonies and dogma of Satanism all act to reinforce this ego-strengthening intention. This is what distinguishes Satanism from every other philosophy and religion in the world.

What do the pseudo-Satanists do? They parody these unique elements. They will use many of the same words that we use and they will even perform “Satanic” magical ceremonies and rituals. It is especially insidious when they claim (as one such group does) to be carrying on the work of the original Church of Satan, implying that the C.O.S. died somewhere back there in the past or something.

In and of itself these acts of mimicry seem innocent enough. The problem is one of “doublespeak” and what it can do to damage the healthy growth of the individual's ego. Pseudo-Satanic groups do not champion the cause of the ego. In fact, they are generally altruistic. They do not champion individual autonomy. Instead they commonly advocate the existence of external, objective gods to be worshipped and to be obeyed, even if this requires martyr-like behavior.

The pseudo-Satanists don't want to check on their beliefs in the harsh glare of reality.”

For example, in the group which had fooled me for so long, there was a requirement for the “higher-ranking” member to be willing to go public and give interviews on television, radio, etc. whether or not this public statement would harm the individual in his private life! In other words, they expected the member to be a martyr for their religion. Hardly Satanic.

By now you should begin to see the danger.

The power and freedom of becoming a strong individual in this world of dull and obedient mediocrity is slowly and carefully undercut by such groups. The words of The Satanic Bible become twisted and distorted until they no longer have useful meaning! The Satanism of the ego becomes warped into the pseudo-Satanism of the mystic slave!

You can easily identify pseudo-Satanism by checking the way they test reality, the way they set goals and how they use authority.

The pseudo-Satanists don't want to check on their beliefs in the harsh glare of reality. They want to spin their gossamer web of megalomaniacal ideas across the whole of existence without ever testing to see if there is even one small grain of truth therein. They subtly or overtly dodge the rational questions a Satanist will ask with a call to “faith” or by a claim to some way of knowing which is “higher” than the rational mind. So the abandonment of reality- checking is one sure sign that the group you are with is pseudo-Satanic.

Second is the lack of clear-cut goals and/or a means to achieve them. This is what is referred to, in most MBA programs, as a “goal and mission statement.” Pseudo-Satanism has no goal. The group to whom I'd belonged substituted mystical “buzzwords” for intentions (as well as mystical insight for reason). As a result, I kept finding myself given apparent goal statements which, upon careful deciphering, proved to be only word salad.

One final test of the authenticity of any Satanic versus pseudo-Satanic group is the question of authority versus reason. White Light occult groups have traditionally followed a very militaristic ranking system with many degrees and honorific titles signifying “mystical” achievement. The Church of Satan has few titles, and it grants them to those members who earn them through real world accomplishment. As Satanists, we also understand that these titles may also be used with non -Satanists! (“Wow! You mean you're a Satanic Priest!”). Thus, one use of a title is simply as a “Lesser Magic” tool to manipulate the slave to obey.

Resorting to a title or occult “ranking” to avoid answering a question is a sure sign that you are dealing with the pseudo-Satanist, and not the authentic item. The pseudo-Satanists use their titles to control other members, not the outside, non-Satanic community. This is a simple reflection of the fact that those who cannot make it in the real world outside will tend to try and create their own little kingdoms to rule within a closed community of true believers.

And it is this cut-off from the outside world that truly makes pseudo-Satanism dangerous. Nothing could be more dangerous for the individual than to cut himself off from knowing and responding to the realities of life. The pseudo-Satanists do precisely that. Beware!

This article first appeared in The Black Flame, Volume 1, #1, 1989 c.e.

It is copyrighted by Hell’s Kitchen Productions, Inc. and may not be reproduced without permission.


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