Satanists on Cinema - Midnight Mass Spoiler Review

Satanists on Cinema – Midnight Mass Review

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Monday, October 11th at 6pm MST
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This is a SPOILER review of Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan’s passion project. This is an original take on a horror genre that gives air to its scenes and celebrates both dialog and human connection. Your hosts Satanist Cameron John and Reverend Campbell will provide their very different takes on this series.

Join us live in chat and share your thoughts on this original and challenging focus on religion and horror.

About Satanists on Cinema

Satanists on Cinema is a Satanic film and commentary series, hosted by Reverend Campbell and Satanist Cameron John. We discuss films on the Satanic Film List in addition to modern and recently released films. Our goal is to learn a little more about the film, find a Satanic connection if there is one, and have a good time in the process. We welcome you to join us as part of the fun in YouTube chat.

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Reverend Campbell.