Speak of the Devil presents A Legacy of Heresy - Paracelsus T-Shirt

Speak of the Devil presents A Legacy of Heresy – Paracelsus T-Shirt

The Paracelsus T-Shirts Are Now Available to Order By All!

The Speak of the Devil Patreon patrons have had their pre-orders fulfilled, now it’s your turn to pick up one of these custom designed t-shirts for only $15 + shipping! They are limited by size and quantity, so grab one while you can.

All Sizes – $15.00 + Shipping*
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High Quality Tee’s

I have chosen the high quality Bella+Canvas tee’s for the men and women’s shirts. They will only be available in black with white printing. You can find size charts for each tee here:

* In Stock Sizes and Quantities Only. First Come, First Serve.


About Paracelsus

Paracelsus is known as the father of toxicology who wrote about demonology and the occult. He even wrote his own magical alphabet around the time the Enochian Keys were created! He used his Alphabet of the Magi to craft sigils and talismans for use in his treatments.

His motto was ‘Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest’ which translates to: Let no man belong to another who can belong to himself. It speaks to the Satanists celebration of individualism; We are our own God after all.


About A Legacy of Heresy T-Shirts

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From the very beginning of civilization there were those individuals that refused to accept the commonly held beliefs of the time, bucking societal norms and challenging established dogma be it from religious, scientific, literary or other institutional sources. Some of these individuals were tortured, outcast or murdered for questioning all things, an idea that is integral to what it means to be a Satanist.

A Legacy of Heresy is a celebration of those individuals that lived life on their terms, passing wisdom down through the ages, and lived life to the fullest!

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