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Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

TERROR TRANSMISSION EP121: The City of the DeadThe basis of this scary tale is in reality. And the reality is that, once you check into the horror hotel, you’ll be locked in your room with two cloaked gents chanting some ungodly commentary on the 1960 release of The City of the Dead. So, before you’re sacrificed on the altar, you’ll have some time to consort with film facts, Danzig’s child-frightening forehead, metal band names in this film, “Dick"s, city vs. town, TV-watching as social curiosity, girls who wear your clothes after sex, Matt’s welding woes, Jason’s parrot traumas, the British […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

In Memoriam Christopher Lee (1922-2015) What an impressive body of work has been wrought by this man of imposing height, sonorous voice and mesmeric eyes. Later in his lengthy career he won admirers from a broader public with his adept portrayals of Saruman and Count Dooku in two of cinemas most successful franchises, but he long had been celebrated for his work by horror aficionados for his potent villains. I first recall seeing him in that gem of a film CITY OF THE DEAD (aka HORROR HOTEL) in which he played Professor Alan Driscoll, associate of the witch Elizabeth Selwyn […]